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DateTitle Authors
2011 Intrafirm conflicts and interfirm price competitionGüth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2011 Whom to blame? An experiment of collective harming and punishingGüth, Werner / Otsubo, Hironori
2011 More than outcomes: A cognitive dissonance-based explanation of other-regarding behaviorMatthey, Astrid / Regner, Tobias
2011 Accountability and the fairness bias in the context of joint production: Effects of bonuses and opportunitiesBecker, Alice
2011 A strategic selection procedureSuzuki, Toru
2011 Bargaining and negotiations: What should experimentalists explore more thoroughly?Güth, Werner
2011 Creativity, analytical skills, personality traits, and innovation game behavior in the lab: An experimentBäker, Agnes / Güth, Werner / Pull, Kerstin / Stadler, Manfred
2011 Testing the Modigliani-Miller theorem directly in the labLevati, M. Vittoria / Qiu, Jianying / Mahagaonkar, Prashanth
2011 What economists know about open source software its basic principles and research resultsvon Engelhardt, Sebastian
2011 E-nstructions: A tool for electronic instructions in laboratory experimentsSchmelz, Katrin
2011 Corporate social responsibility in the work place: Experimental evidence on CSR from a gift-exchange gameKoppel, Hannes / Regner, Tobias
2011 Group identity and discrimination in small markets: Asymmetry of in-group favorsRiener, Gerhard / Schacht, Alexander
2011 Do not trash the incentive! Monetary incentives and waste sortingBucciol, Alessandro / Montinari, Natalia / Piovesan, Marco
2011 Motivational cherry pickingRegner, Tobias / Riener, Gerhard
2011 The interdependence between biodiversity and socioeconomic variables on a local level: Evidence for german countiesMünch, Angela / Völkl, Wolfgang
2011 Power asymmetry and escalation in bargainingVollstädt, Ulrike
2011 In search for Tiebout's mechanism "vote with their feet" in BavariaMünch, Angela
2011 The political economy of international environmental agreements: A surveyWangler, Leo / Altamirano-Cabrera, Juan-Carlos / Weikard, Hans-Peter
2011 Would you mind if I get more? An experimental study of the envy gameCasal, Sandro / Güth, Werner / Jia, Mofei / Ploner, Matteo
2011 The skill balancing act: Determinants of and returns to balanced skillsBublitz, Elisabeth / Noseleit, Florian
2011 Testing the framework of other-regarding preferencesLevati, M. Vittoria / Nicholas, Aaron / Rai, Birendra
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