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DateTitle Authors
2011 Testing the framework of other-regarding preferencesLevati, M. Vittoria / Nicholas, Aaron / Rai, Birendra
2011 Reinforcement learning in repeated portfolio decisionsDiao, Linan / Rieskamp, Jörg
2011 On individual cursedness: How personality shapes individuals' sensitivity to incur a winner's curseChlaß, Nadine
2011 See no evil: Information chains and reciprocity in teamsSteiger, Eva-Maria / Zultan, Roi
2011 An offer you can't refuse: Murdering journalists as an enforcement mechanism of corrupt dealsBjørnskov, Christian / Freytag, Andreas
2011 Behavioural patterns in social networksConte, Anna / Di Cagno, Daniela / Sciubba, Emanuela
2011 Recognition-based and familiarity-based portfolio strategies: An experimental studyDiao, Linan
2011 Learning in networks: An experimental study using stationary conceptsBerninghaus, Siegfried / Neumann, Thomas / Vogt, Bodo
2011 International research networks in pharmaceuticals: Structure and dynamicsCantner, Uwe / Rake, Bastian
2011 Collectively ranking candidates: An axiomatic approachGüth, Werner
2011 Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigationCrosetto, Paolo / Gaudeul, Alexia
2011 On the evolution of preferencesGamba, Astrid
2011 The impact of government procurement composition on private R&D activitiesSlavtchev, Viktor / Wiederhold, Simon
2011 Recalculating default values for palm oilPehnelt, Gernot / Vietze, Christoph
2011 The effect of financial incentives and task-specific cognitive abilities on task performanceRydval, Ondérej
2011 Procedurally fair provision of public projects: An axiomatic characterizationGüth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut
2011 Credit Reporting, Access to Finance and Identification Systems: International EvidenceGiannetti, Caterina / Jentzsch, Nicola
2011 Collaboration in pharmaceutical research: Exploration of country-level determinantsPlotnikova, Tatiana / Rake, Bastian
2011 Ambiguity aversion as a reason to choose tournamentsKellner, Christian / Riener, Gerhard
2011 The winner's curse under behavioral institutionsChlaß, Nadine
2011 Gambling for the upper hand: Settlement negotiations in the labMiettinen, Topi / Ropponen, Olli / Sääskilahti, Pekka
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