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DateTitle Authors
2007 Creativity and industrial cities: a case study of BaltimoreÁcs, Zoltán J. / Megyesi, Monika I.
2007 The entrepreneurship-philanthropy nexus: nonmarket source of American entrepreneurial capitalismÁcs, Zoltán J. / Audretsch, David B. / Phillips, Ronnie J. / Desai, Sameeksha
2007 Small sample properties of the Wilcoxon signed rank test with discontinuous and dependent observationsChlaß, Nadine / Krüger, Jens J.
2007 Building a better rat trap: technological innovation, human capital and the IrulaTerjesen, Siri
2007 Voting on a sharing norm in a dictator gameVanberg, Christoph
2007 A non-Bayesian approach to (un)bounded rationalityGüth, Werner
2007 Valuation of self-insurance and self-protection under ambiguity: experimental evidenceOzdemir, Ozlem
2007 Information aggregation and beliefs in experimental parimutuel betting marketsKoessler, Frédéric / Noussair, Charles N. / Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
2007 Financial incentives and cognitive abilities: evidence from a forecasting task with varying cognitive loadRydval, Ondřej
2007 The interaction between financial incentives and task-specific cognitive capital: more evidence in support of Camerer and Hogarth (1999)Rydval, Ondřej
2007 Valuing a risky prospect less than its worst outcome: uncertainty effect or task ambiguity?Ortmann, Andreas / Prokosheva, Alexandra / Rydval, Ondřej / Hertwig, Ralph
2007 Disagreement and authorityEllingsen, Tore / Miettinen, Topi
2007 A concordance between industries and technologies: matching the technological fields of the Patentatlas to the German industry classificationBroekel, Tom
2007 The impact of market size and users' sophistication on innovation: the patterns of demand and the technology life cycleGuerzoni, Marco
2007 Entrepreneurial backgrounds, human capital and start-up successBaptista, Rui / Karaöz, Murat / Mendonça, Joana
2007 Serial entrepreneurship: differentiating direct from latent re-entrantsAmaral, A. Miguel / Baptista, Rui
2007 Turbulence in high growth and declining industriesBaptista, Rui / Karaöz, Murat
2007 Innovation networks of high tech SMES: creation of knowledge but no creation of valueWinters, Rob / Stam, Erik
2007 Moral distance and moral motivations in dictator gamesAguiar, Fernando / Brañas-Garza, Pablo / Miller, Luis M.
2007 The political economy of China's aid policy in AfricaPehnelt, Gernot
2007 A Nash threat game of passing through Exchange Rate Mechanism IIFahrholz, Christian
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