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Jena Economic Research Papers (2007-2014), Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik und Universität Jena

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Diese Sammlung enthält die Jena Economic Research Papers von 2007 bis 2014. Die ab 2015 innerhalb dieser Reihe erschienenen Papiere sind hier zu finden:

This collection contains the Jena Economic Research Papers from 2007 to 2014. The papers plublished from 2015 on can be found here:

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DateTitle Authors
2014 More than outcomes: The role of self-image in other-regarding behaviorMatthey, Astrid / Regner, Tobias
2014 Crowdfunding: Determinants of success and funding dynamicsCrosetto, Paolo / Regner, Tobias
2014 Inventor networks in renewable energies: The influence of the policy mix in GermanyCantner, Uwe / Graf, Holger / Herrmann, Johannes / Kalthaus, Martin
2014 Yours, mine & ours: The role of gender and (equivalent) income in preferences for redistribution and public spendingHaußen, Tina
2014 On the equivalence between iterated application of choice rules and common belief of applying these rulesTrost, Michael
2014 Social comparison and risk taking behaviorGamba, Astrid / Manzoni, Elena / Stanca, Luca
2014 An experimental investigation into queueing behaviorConte, Anna / Scarsini, Marco / Sürücü, Oktay
2014 Trust in generosity: An experiment of the repeated Yes-No gameGüth, Werner / Otsubo, Hironori
2014 Taxation and incentives to innovate: A principal-agent approachd'Andria, Diego
2014 Choosing whether to compete: Price and format competition with consumer confusionCrosetto, Paolo / Gaudeul, Alexia
2014 Do entrepreneurs really earn less?Fritsch, Michael / Kritikos, Alexander / Sorgner, Alina
2014 New business formation and the productivity of manufacturing incumbents: Effects and mechanismsChangoluisa, Javier / Fritsch, Michael
2014 Auctions and leaks: A theoretical and experimental investigationFischer, Sven / Güth, Werner / Kaplan, Todd R. / Zultan, Ro'i
2014 Backbone services as growth enabling factor: An input-output analysis for South AfricaDettmer, Bianka / Fricke, Susanne
2014 Surviving against the tide: Are new businesses in innovative industries Less affected by general economic trends?Fritsch, Michael / Noseleit, Florian / Schindele, Yvonne
2014 An ultimatum game with multidimensional response strategiesGüth, Werner / Levati, M. Vittoria / Nardi, Chiara / Soraperra, Ivan
2014 Does expressing disapproval influence future cooperation? An experimental studyKoukoumelis, Anastasios / Levati, M. Vittoria
2014 Testing the strength and robustness of the attraction effect in consumer decision makingCrosetto, Paolo / Gaudeul, Alexia
2014 Collective choices under ambiguityLevati, M. Vittoria / Napel, Stefan / Soraperra, Ivan
2014 A hybrid game with conditional and unconditional veto powerGüth, Werner / Levati, M. Vittoria / Montinari, Natalia / Nardi, Chiara
2014 Labour market integration, human capital formation, and mobilityHaupt, Alexander / Übelmesser, Silke
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