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DateTitle Authors
2006 Transitional dynamics in a growth model with distributive politicsGhate, Chetan
2006 Education, growth, and redistribution in the presence of capital flightChakrabarty, Debajyoti / Chanda, Areendam / Ghate, Chetan
2006 Why butterflies don't leave: locational behaviour of entrepreneurial firmsStam, Erik
2006 The effect of new business formation on regional development over time: the case of GermanyFritsch, Michael / Mueller, Pamela
2006 Restart-performance and the returns of previous self-employmentMetzger, Georg / Niefert, Michaela
2006 Banking entrepreneurship differentials between Europe and USA: a noteGeorgiou, Miltiades N. / Kyriazes, Nicholas
2006 The influence of geographic clusters and knowledge spillovers on the product innovation activities of new venturesGilbert, Brett Anitra / Kusar, Mika Tatum
2006 International firm activities and innovation: evidence from knowledge production functions for German firmsWagner, Joachim
2006 Does venture capital investment really require spatial proximity?: An empirical investigationFritsch, Michael / Schilder, Dirk
2006 Entrepreneurship, growth and restructuringAudretsch, David B. / Keilbach, Max
2006 A spatial model of growth: taking technology seriouslyZhao, Zuoquan
2006 The knowledge filter and economic growth: the role of scientist entrepreneurshipAudretsch, David B. / Aldridge, Taylor / Oettl, Alexander
2006 Starting anew: entrepreneurial intentions and realizations subsequent to business closureSchutjens, Veronique / Stam, Erik
2006 Entrepreneurial entry, exit and re-entry: the extent and nature of opportunity identificationUcbasaran, Deniz / Westhead, Paul / Wright, Mike
2006 Does entrepreneurship create enough jobs in Europe?: A noteGeorgiou, Miltiades N.
2006 Education and regional job creation by the elf-employed: the English North-South divideBurke, Andrew E. / FitzRoy, Felix R. / Nolan, Michael A.
2006 Renascent entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial preferences subsequent to firm exitStam, Erik / Audretsch, David B. / Meijaard, Joris
2006 The contribution of business ownership in bringing down unemployment in Japanvan Stel, André J. / Thurik, A. Roy / Verheul, Ingrid / Baljeu, Lendert
2006 The effect of business regulations on nascent and actual entrepreneurshipvan Stel, André J. / Storey, David J. / Thurik, A. Roy
2006 One or many knowledge production functions?: Mapping innovative activity using microdataConte, Andrea / Vivarelli, Marco
2006 The lag structure of the impact of business ownership on economic performance in OECD countriesCarree, Martin A. / Thurik, A. Roy
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