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DateTitle Authors
2007 Exports and productivity in GermanyWagner, Joachim
2007 Why more West than East German firms exportWagner, Joachim
2007 Productivity and size of the export market evidence for West and East German plants, 2004Wagner, Joachim
2007 Regional dimensions of liability of foreignness: between a rock and a hard place?Sofka, Wolfgang / Zimmermann, Jörg
2007 Entrepreneurship, state economic development policy, and the entrepreneurial universityAudretsch, David B. / Phillips, Ronnie J.
2007 What is an entrepreneurial opportunity?McMullen, Jeffery S. / Plummer, Lawrence A. / Ács, Zoltán J.
2007 The entrepreneurship-philanthropy nexus: nonmarket source of American entrepreneurial capitalismÁcs, Zoltán J. / Audretsch, David B. / Phillips, Ronnie J. / Desai, Sameeksha
2007 Creativity and industrial cities: a case study of BaltimoreÁcs, Zoltán J. / Megyesi, Monika I.
2007 The political economy of infrastructure investment in IndiaGhate, Chetan
2007 Entrepreneurship capital: a regional, organizational, team, and individual phenomenonAudretsch, David B. / Monsen, Erik
2007 Firm competitive strategies and the likelihood of survival: the Spanish caseOrtega-Argilés, Raquel / Moreno, Rosina
2007 State of literature on small to medium-size enterprises and entrepreneurship in low-income communitiesÁcs, Zoltán J. / Kallas, Kadri
2007 Determinants of entrepreneurial engagement levels in Europe and the USGrilo, Isabel / Thurik, A. Roy
2006 The determinants of new-firm survival across regional economiesÁcs, Zoltán J. / Armington, Catherine / Zhang, Ting
2006 The evolution of the literature on technological change over time: a surveyConte, Andrea
2006 An empirical relationship between entrepreneurship and FDI: a noteGeorgiou, Miltiades N.
2006 The entrepreneur's mode of entry: business takeover or new venture start?Parker, Simon C. / van Praag, C. Mirjam
2006 Is venture capital a regional business?: the role of syndicationFritsch, Michael / Schilder, Dirk
2006 The effects of new firm formation on regional development over time: the case of Great BritainMueller, Pamela / van Stel, André J. / Storey, David J.
2006 Employment effects of business dynamics: mice, gazelles and elephantsÁcs, Zoltán J. / Mueller, Pamela
2006 Transitional dynamics in a growth model with distributive politicsGhate, Chetan
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