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DateTitle Authors
2010 Collective market-making efforts at an engineering conferenceMöllering, Guido
2010 Strukturmerkmale des chinesischen Kapitalismusten Brink, Tobias
2010 Mitbestimmung im Unternehmensvergleich: Ein Konzept zur Messung des Einflusspotenzials der Arbeitnehmervertreter im mitbestimmten AufsichtsratHöpner, Martin / Müllenborn, Tim
2010 The transcending power of goods: Imaginative value in the economyBeckert, Jens
2010 Politik im Defizit: Austerität als fiskalpolitisches RegimeStreeck, Wolfgang / Mertens, Daniel
2010 Urheberrecht zwischen Kreativität und Verwertung: Transnationale Mobilisierung und private RegulierungDobusch, Leonhard / Quack, Sigrid
2010 Germany's new top managers? The corporate elite in flux, 1960 - 2005Freye, Saskia
2010 Taking capitalism seriously: Toward an institutionalist approach to contemporary political economyStreeck, Wolfgang
2010 Neoliberal restructuring in Turkey: From state to oligarchic capitalismKaradag, Roy
2010 Blurring the lines: Strategic deception and self-deception in marketsGruss, Laura / Piotti, Geny
2010 Individual policy preferences for vocational versus academic education micro level evidence for the case of SwitzerlandBusemeyer, Marius R. / Cattaneo, Maria Alejandra / Wolter, Stefan C.
2010 Polanyi in Brussels? Embeddedness and the three dimensions of European economic integrationHöpner, Martin / Schäfer, Armin
2010 E pluribus unum? Varieties and commonalities of capitalismStreeck, Wolfgang
2010 Economic crises, high public pension spending and blame-avoidance strategies: Pension policy retrenchments in 14 social-insurance countries, 1981 - 2005Fernandez, Juan J.
2010 The phantom of Palais Brongniart economic patriotism and the Paris stock exchangeCallaghan, Helen / Lagneau-Ymonet, Paul
2011 Varieties of capitalism and varieties of macroeconomic policy. Are some economies more procyclical than others?Amable, Bruno / Azizi, Karim
2011 German employers and the origins of unemployment insurance. Skills interest or strategic accommodation?Paster, Thomas
2011 Where do prices come from? Sociological approaches to price formationBeckert, Jens
2011 The adoption of lotteries in the United States, 1964 - 2007. A model of conditional and time-dynamical diffusionLutter, Mark
2011 Imagined futures. Fictionality in economic actionBeckert, Jens
2011 Institutional change in market-liberal state capitalism. An integrative perspective on the development of the private business sector in Chinaten Brink, Tobias
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