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DateTitle Authors
2012 Soziale Strukturen des Erfolgs: Winner-take-all-Prozesse in der KreativwirtschaftLutter, Mark
2012 Legitimacy intermediation in the multilevel European polity and its collapse in the euro crisisScharpf, Fritz W.
2012 Competing tactics: How the interplay of tactical approaches shapes movement outcomes on the market for ethical fashionBalsiger, Philip
2012 Wem wird gegeben? Matthäus-Effekte und geschlechtsspezifische Ungleichheiten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt für FilmschauspielerLutter, Mark
2012 Integration among unequals: How the heterogeneity of European varieties of capitalism shapes the social and democratic potential of the EUHöpner, Martin / Schäfer, Armin
2012 Capitalism as a system of contingent expectations: Toward a sociological microfoundation of political economyBeckert, Jens
2012 Quality classifications in competition: Price formation in the German wine marketRössel, Jörg / Beckert, Jens
2012 Opportunismus oder Ungewissheit? Mitbestimmte Unternehmen zwischen Klassenkampf und ProduktionsregimeHöpner, Martin / Waclawczyk, Maximilian
2012 Capitalism, religion, and the idea of the demonicDeutschmann, Christoph
2011 The crisis in context democratic capitalism and its contradictionsStreeck, Wolfgang
2011 Wie die Europäische Kommission Liberalisierung durchsetzt: Der Konflikt um das öffentlich-rechtliche Bankenwesen in DeutschlandSeikel, Daniel
2011 Republican liberty and compulsory votingSchäfer, Armin
2011 Making the poor pay for public goods via microfinance: Economic and political pitfalls in the case of water and sanitationMader, Philip
2011 Varieties of cross-class coalitions in the politics of dualization: Insights from the case of vocational training in GermanyBusemeyer, Marius R.
2011 Fiscal austerity and public investment: Is the possible the enemy of the necessary?Streeck, Wolfgang / Mertens, Daniel
2011 Monetary union, fiscal crisis and the preemption of democracyScharpf, Fritz W.
2011 Regulating international finance and the evolving imbalance of capitalisms since the 1970sKalinowski, Thomas
2011 In the shadow illegal markets and economic sociologyBeckert, Jens / Wehinger, Frank
2011 Skills and politics. General and specificStreeck, Wolfgang
2011 From transnational voluntary standards to local practices. A case study of forest certification in RussiaMalets, Olga
2011 Institutional change in market-liberal state capitalism. An integrative perspective on the development of the private business sector in Chinaten Brink, Tobias
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