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DateTitle Authors
2009 Koordination und Verteilung: Zwei Ansätze der WirtschaftssoziologieBeckert, Jens
2009 Trust and estate planning: The emergence of a profession and its contribution to socio-economic inequalityHarrington, Brooke
2009 Country clustering in comparative political economyAhlquist, John S. / Breunig, Christian
2009 Institutions in history: Bringing capitalism back inStreeck, Wolfgang
2010 Collective market-making efforts at an engineering conferenceMöllering, Guido
2010 Strukturmerkmale des chinesischen Kapitalismusten Brink, Tobias
2010 Mitbestimmung im Unternehmensvergleich: Ein Konzept zur Messung des Einflusspotenzials der Arbeitnehmervertreter im mitbestimmten AufsichtsratHöpner, Martin / Müllenborn, Tim
2010 The transcending power of goods: Imaginative value in the economyBeckert, Jens
2010 Politik im Defizit: Austerität als fiskalpolitisches RegimeStreeck, Wolfgang / Mertens, Daniel
2010 Urheberrecht zwischen Kreativität und Verwertung: Transnationale Mobilisierung und private RegulierungDobusch, Leonhard / Quack, Sigrid
2010 Germany's new top managers? The corporate elite in flux, 1960 - 2005Freye, Saskia
2010 Taking capitalism seriously: Toward an institutionalist approach to contemporary political economyStreeck, Wolfgang
2010 Neoliberal restructuring in Turkey: From state to oligarchic capitalismKaradag, Roy
2010 Blurring the lines: Strategic deception and self-deception in marketsGruss, Laura / Piotti, Geny
2010 Individual policy preferences for vocational versus academic education micro level evidence for the case of SwitzerlandBusemeyer, Marius R. / Cattaneo, Maria Alejandra / Wolter, Stefan C.
2010 Polanyi in Brussels? Embeddedness and the three dimensions of European economic integrationHöpner, Martin / Schäfer, Armin
2010 E pluribus unum? Varieties and commonalities of capitalismStreeck, Wolfgang
2010 Economic crises, high public pension spending and blame-avoidance strategies: Pension policy retrenchments in 14 social-insurance countries, 1981 - 2005Fernandez, Juan J.
2010 The phantom of Palais Brongniart economic patriotism and the Paris stock exchangeCallaghan, Helen / Lagneau-Ymonet, Paul
2011 Varieties of capitalism and varieties of macroeconomic policy. Are some economies more procyclical than others?Amable, Bruno / Azizi, Karim
2011 German employers and the origins of unemployment insurance. Skills interest or strategic accommodation?Paster, Thomas
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