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DateTitle Authors
2010 An experimental contribution to the revision of the guidelines on research and development agreementsEngel, Christoph
2010 Game over: Empirical support for soccer bets regulationTowfigh, Emanuel Vahid / Glöckner, Andreas
2010 Political competition and Mirrleesian income taxation: A first passBierbrauer, Felix / Boyer, Pierre C.
2010 Information disclosure, intertemporal risk sharing, and asset pricesDang, Tri Vi / Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Fallacies, irrelevant facts, and myths in the discussion of capital regulation: Why bank equity is not expensiveAdmati, Anat R. / DeMarzo, Peter M. / Hellwig, Martin / Pfleiderer, Paul
2010 Public ownership of banks and economic growth: The role of heterogeneityKörner, Tobias / Schnabel, Isabel
2010 Moral hazard and ambiguityWeinschenk, Philipp
2010 Pareto-optimal matching allocation mechanisms for boundedly rational agentsBade, Sophie
2010 Role induced bias in court: An experimental analysisGlöckner, Andreas / Engel, Christoph
2010 On the existence and prevention of asset price bubblesEnders, Zeno / Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Increasing workload in a stochastic environmentWeinschenk, Philipp
2010 Capital regulation after the crisis: Business as usual?Hellwig, Martin
2010 Matching allocation problems with endogenous information acquisitionBade, Sophie
2010 Binary payment schemes: Moral hazard and loss aversionHerweg, Fabian / Müller, Daniel / Weinschenk, Philipp
2010 Poverty and crime in 19th century Germany: A reassessmentTraxler, Christian / Burhop, Carsten
2010 The more the better? Effects of training and information amount in legal judgmentsDickert, Stephan / Herbig, Britta / Glöckner, Andreas / Gansen, Christina / Portack, Roman
2010 On the optimality of optimal income taxationBierbrauer, Felix
2010 Job assignment with multivariate skillsBrilon, Stefanie
2010 Finanzkrise und Reformbedarf: Gutachten für den 68. Deutschen JuristentagHellwig, Martin
2010 The fog of fraud: Mitigating fraud by strategic ambiguityLang, Matthias / Wambach, Achim
2010 Punishment despite reasonable doubt: A public goods experiment with uncertainty over contributionsGrechenig, Kristoffel / Nicklisch, Andreas / Thöni, Christian
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