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DateTitle Authors
2011 Is regulation essential to stock market development? Going public in London and Berlin, 1900-1913Burhop, Carsten / Chambers, David / Cheffins, Brian
2011 Demokratische Repräsentation im ParteienstaatTowfigh, Emanuel
2011 Incomplete-information models of large economies with anonymity: Existence and uniqueness of common priorsHellwig, Martin
2011 Oligopoly as a socially embedded dilemma: An experimentEngel, Christoph / Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2011 Divergent platformsBade, Sophie
2011 Liquidity measures, liquidity drivers and expected returns on an early call auction marketBurhop, Carsten / Gelman, Sergey
2011 Besonderes Verwaltungsrecht und ökonomische TheorieEngel, Christoph
2011 The role of consent and uncertainty in the formation of customary international lawPetersen, Niels
2011 Law as a precondition for religious freedomEngel, Christoph
2011 Can we manage first impressions in cooperation problems? An experimental study on "Broken (and Fixed) Windows"Engel, Christoph / Kube, Sebastian / Kurschilgen, Michael
2011 The joint benefits of observed and unobserved punishment: Comment to unobserved punishment supports cooperationGlöckner, Andreas / Kube, Sebastian / Nicklisch, Andreas
2011 Environmental taxation and redistribution concernsAigner, Rafael
2011 Pareto-optimal assignments by hierarchical exchangeBade, Sophie
2011 The power of sunspots: An experimental analysisFehr, Dietmar / Heinemann, Frank / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
2011 Procrastination in teams, contract design and discriminationWeinschenk, Philipp
2011 Mechanism design and voting for public-good provisionBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin
2011 Has the world changed? My neighbor might know effects of social context on routine deviationBetsch, Tilmann / Lindow, Stefanie / Engel, Christoph / Ulshöfer, Corina / Kleber, Janet
2011 The fog of fraud: Mitigating fraud by strategic ambiguityLang, Matthias / Wambach, Achim
2010 The impact of firm entry regulation on long-living entrantsPrantl, Susanne
2010 Too much information sharing? Welfare effects of sharing acquired cost information in oligopolyGanuza, Juan José / Jansen, Jos
2010 An experimental contribution to the revision of the guidelines on research and development agreementsEngel, Christoph
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