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DateTitle Authors
2010 Turning the lab into Jeremy Bentham's panopticon: The effect of punishment on offenders and non-offendersEngel, Christoph / Irlenbusch, Bernd
2010 The Pareto-frontier in a simple Mirrleesian model of income taxationBierbrauer, Felix / Boyer, Pierre C.
2010 Institutional communication revisited: Preferences, opportunity structures and scientific expertise in policy networksLeifeld, Philip / Schneider, Volker
2010 Ambiguous act equilibriaBade, Sophie
2010 Transaction costs, liquidity and expected returns at the Berlin stock exchange, 1892-1913Burhop, Carsten / Gelman, Sergey
2010 Public-good provision in a large economyBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin
2010 Switching consumers and product liability: on the optimality of incomplete strict liabilityBaumann, Florian / Friehe, Tim / Grechenig, Kristoffel
2010 Optimal observability in a linear income taxSlemrod, Joel / Traxler, Christian
2010 Competition, risk-shifting, and public bail-out policiesGropp, Reint / Hakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2010 Incomplete contracts and excludable public goodsBierbrauer, Felix
2009 The endowment effect in groups with and without strategic incentivesGlöckner, Andreas / Kleber, Janet / Tontrup, Stephan / Bechtold, Stefan
2009 Credit risk transfer and bank competitionHakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2009 Asymmetrie der Märkte und Wettbewerbsfreiheitvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2009 Testing enforcement strategies in the field: legal threat, moral appeal and social informationFellner, Gerlinde / Sausgruber, Rupert / Traxler, Christian
2009 On competition and the strategic management of intellectual property in oligopolyJansen, Jos
2009 Beyond the need to boast: cost concealment incentives and exit in Cournot duopolyJansen, Jos
2009 Experts and decision making: first steps towards a unifying theory of decision making in novices, intermediates and expertsHerbig, Britta / Glöckner, Andreas
2009 Survey evidence on conditional norm enforcementTraxler, Christian / Winter, Joachim
2009 Beware of broken windows! First impressions in public-good experimentsBeckenkamp, Martin / Engel, Christoph / Glöckner, Andreas / Irlenbusch, Bernd / Hennig-Schmidt, Heike
2009 Efficiency gains from team-based coordination ; large-scale experimental evidenceFeri, Francesco / Irlenbusch, Bernd / Sutter, Matthias
2009 Sticky rebates: rollback rebates induce non-rational loyalty in consumers ; experimental evidenceMorell, Alexander / Glöckner, Andreas / Towfigh, Emanuel Vahid
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