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DateTitle Authors
2004 Inconsistency in the Law : In Search of a Balanced NormEngel, Christoph
2004 Monopoly prices versus Ramsey-Boiteux prices: are they similar, and: does it matter?Höffler, Felix
2004 Globalisation and national incentives for protecting environmental goodsKölliker, Alkuin
2004 The role of rivalry: Public goods versus common-pool resourcesMaier-Rigaud, Frank P. / Apesteguia, Jose
2004 Risk aversion in the small and in the large when outcomes are multidimensionalHellwig, Martin F.
2004 Governance in international trade: Judicialisation and positive integration in the WTODe Bièvre, Dirk
2004 Das institutionenökonomisch-evolutionäre WettbewerbsleitbildMantzavinos, Chrysostomos
2004 Social dilemmas, revisited from a heuristics perspectiveEngel, Christoph
2004 The Institutional-Evolutionary Antitrust ModelMantzavinos, Chrysostomos
2004 Learning the LawEngel, Christoph
2005 Cost and Benefits from Infrastructure Competition : Estimating Welfare Effects from Broadband Access CompetitionHöffler, Felix
2005 Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der RegierungEngel, Christoph
2005 Switching costs in retroactive rebates: what’s time got to do with it?Maier-Rigaud, Frank P.
2005 Rationale Rechtspolitik und ihre GrenzenEngel, Christoph
2005 The role of liquidity and implicit guarantees in the German twin crisis of 1931Schnabel, Isabel
2005 Bank size and risk-taking under Basel IIHakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2005 Altruism and charitable giving in a fully replicated economyGaube, Thomas
2005 Second-best pollution taxation and environmental qualityGaube, Thomas
2005 The welfare economics of adaptive preferencesvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2005 Das juristische Darstellungsgebot: zum Umgang mit Risikoinformation am Beispiel der Datenerhebung im Bundesinfektionsschutzgesetz (BInfSchG)Spiecker Döhmann, Indra / Kurzenhäuser, Stephanie
2005 Staatliche Informationsgewinnung im Mehrebenensystem: ein ÜberblickSpiecker Döhmann, Indra
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