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DateTitle Authors
2010 An experimental contribution to the revision of the guidelines on research and development agreementsEngel, Christoph
2010 Too much information sharing? Welfare effects of sharing acquired cost information in oligopolyGanuza, Juan José / Jansen, Jos
2010 The impact of firm entry regulation on long-living entrantsPrantl, Susanne
2011 The fog of fraud: Mitigating fraud by strategic ambiguityLang, Matthias / Wambach, Achim
2011 Has the world changed? My neighbor might know effects of social context on routine deviationBetsch, Tilmann / Lindow, Stefanie / Engel, Christoph / Ulshöfer, Corina / Kleber, Janet
2011 Mechanism design and voting for public-good provisionBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin
2011 Procrastination in teams, contract design and discriminationWeinschenk, Philipp
2011 The power of sunspots: An experimental analysisFehr, Dietmar / Heinemann, Frank / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
2011 Pareto-optimal assignments by hierarchical exchangeBade, Sophie
2011 Environmental taxation and redistribution concernsAigner, Rafael
2011 The joint benefits of observed and unobserved punishment: Comment to unobserved punishment supports cooperationGlöckner, Andreas / Kube, Sebastian / Nicklisch, Andreas
2011 Can we manage first impressions in cooperation problems? An experimental study on "Broken (and Fixed) Windows"Engel, Christoph / Kube, Sebastian / Kurschilgen, Michael
2011 Law as a precondition for religious freedomEngel, Christoph
2011 The role of consent and uncertainty in the formation of customary international lawPetersen, Niels
2011 Besonderes Verwaltungsrecht und ökonomische TheorieEngel, Christoph
2011 Liquidity measures, liquidity drivers and expected returns on an early call auction marketBurhop, Carsten / Gelman, Sergey
2011 Divergent platformsBade, Sophie
2011 Oligopoly as a socially embedded dilemma: An experimentEngel, Christoph / Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2011 Incomplete-information models of large economies with anonymity: Existence and uniqueness of common priorsHellwig, Martin
2011 Demokratische Repräsentation im ParteienstaatTowfigh, Emanuel
2011 Is regulation essential to stock market development? Going public in London and Berlin, 1900-1913Burhop, Carsten / Chambers, David / Cheffins, Brian
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