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DateTitle Authors
2014 Ein Wettbewerbskonzept für das Öffentliche WettbewerbsrechtMagen, Stefan
2014 Outside liquidity, rollover risk, and government bondsLuck, Stephan / Schempp, Paul
2014 Sovereign defaults, bank runs, and contagionLuck, Stephan / Schempp, Paul
2014 Strategic trustworthiness via unstrategic third-party reward: An experimentZhurakhovska, Lilia
2014 Delayed verification mechanism for dynamic implementationGorelkina, Olga
2014 History of law and economicsGelter, Martin / Grechenig, Kristoffel
2014 Financial stability, monetary policy, banking supervision, and central bankingHellwig, Martin
2014 Yes Virginia, there is a European banking union!: But it may not make your wishes come trueHellwig, Martin
2014 Equilibrium selection in sequential games with imperfect informationEguia, Jon X. / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol / Morton, Rebecca / Nicolò, Antonio
2014 The values of ex-ante and ex-post communication in dictator gamesLangenbach, Pascal
2014 Die normative Ko-Evolution von Marktwirtschaft und Demokratievon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2014 Precluding collusion in the Vickrey auctionGorelkina, Olga
2014 Testing the endowment effect for default rulesMarcin, Isabel / Nicklisch, Andreas
2014 Fairness and persuasion: How stakeholder communication affects impartial decision makingKleine, Marco / Langenbach, Pascal / Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2014 Verfassungsgerichte als Wettbewerbshüter des politischen ProzessesPetersen, Niels
2013 How voice shapes reactions to impartial decision makers: An experimentKleine, Marco / Langenbach, Pascal / Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2013 Fallacies, irrelevant facts, and myths in the discussion of capital regulation: Why bank equity is not socially expensiveAdmati, Anat R. / DeMarzo, Peter M. / Hellwig, Martin / Pfleiderer, Paul
2013 Interacting labor and product market regulation and the impact of immigration on native wagesPrantl, Susanne / Spitz-Oener, Alexandra
2013 Tacit coordination in games with third-party externalitiesBland, James / Nikiforakis, Nikos
2013 Eckpunkte für einen stärker ökonomisch informierten Ansatz im Recht der nicht-steuerlichen AbgabenMagen, Stefan
2013 The leverage ratchet effectAdmati, Anat R. / DeMarzo, Peter M. / Hellwig, Martin / Pfleiderer, Paul
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