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DateTitle Authors
2002 Is there a trade-off between inflation variability and output-gap variability in the EMU countries?Arestis, Philip / Mouratidis, Kostas
2002 Credibility of EMS interest rate policies: a Markov regime-switching approachArestis, Philip / Mouratidis, Kostas
2002 Can monetary policy affect the real economy?Arestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 Poles and Italians then, Mexicans Now? Immigrant-to-native wage ratios, 1910 and 1940Perlmann, Joel
2002 Is there an American way of aging? Income dynamics of the elderly in the US and GermanyHungerford, Thomas L.
2002 Critical realism and the political economy of the euroArestis, Philip / Brown, Andrew / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 Dollarization: a dead endIzurieta, Alex
2002 Does the stock of money have any causal significance?Arestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2003 Household wealth, public consumption and economic well-being in the United StatesWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit / Caner, Asena
2003 A rolling tide: changes in the distribution of wealth in the US, 1989 - 2001Kennickell, Arthur B.
2003 The conditions for sustainable US recovery: the role of investmentArestis, Philip / Karakitsos, Elias
2003 Credibility of monetary policy in four accession countries: A Markov regime-switching approachArestis, Philip / Mouratidis, Kostas
2003 The nature and role of monetary policy when money Is endogenousArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2003 Financial sector reforms in developing countries with special reference to EgyptArestis, Philip
2003 The Levy Institute measure of economic well-beingWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit
2003 Does trade promote gender wage equity? Evidence from East AsiaBerik, Gunseli / van der Meulen Rodgers, Yana / Zveglich, Joseph E.
2003 Wealth transfer taxation: a surveyCremer, Helmuth / Pestieau, Pierre
2003 The evolution of wealth inequality in Canada, 1984 - 1999Morissette, Rene / Zhang, Xuelin / Drolet, Marie
2003 Reinventing fiscal policyArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2003 Is Europe doomed to stagnation? An analysis of the current crisis and recommendations for reforming macroeconomic policymaking in EurolandBibow, Jörg
2003 Mexicans now, Italians then: intermarriage patternsPerlmann, Joel
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