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DateTitle Authors
2001 "Race or People": Federal Race Classifications for Europeans in America, 1898-1913Perlmann, Joel
2001 Testing Profit Rate Equalization in the U.S. Manufacturing Sector: 1947-1998Zacharias, Ajit
2001 Will the Euro Bring Economic Crisis to Europe?Arestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2001 Easy Money through the Back Door: The Markets vs. the ECBBibow, Jörg
2001 Incentives in HMOsGaynor, Martin / Rebitzer, James B. / Taylor, Lowell J.
2001 Can countries under a common currency conduct their own fiscal policies?Izurieta, Alex
2001 Reporting of two or more races in the 1999 American community surveydel Pinei, Jorge H. / Taguba, Leah M. / Cresce, Arthur R. / Morning, Ann
2001 Young Mexican Americans, blacks, and whites in recent years: schooling and teen motherhood as indicators of strengths and risksPerlmann, Joel
2001 Asset prices, liquidity preference, and the business cycleErturk, Korkut A.
2001 On the burden of German unification: the economic consequences of Messrs. Waigel and TietmeyerBibow, Jörg
2001 The role of institutions and policies in creating high European unemployment: the evidencePalley, Thomas I.
2001 Reflections on the current fashion for central bank independenceBibow, Jörg
2001 Uncertainty, conventional behavior, and economic sociologyBibow, Jörg / Lewis, Paul / Runde, Jochen
2001 Making EMU work: some lessons from the 1990sBibow, Jörg
2001 The monetary policies of the European Central Bank and the euro's (mal)performance: a stability-oriented assessmentBibow, Jörg
2001 Toward a population history of the second generation: birth cohorts of Southern-, Central- and Eastern-European origins, 1871 - 1970Perlmann, Joel
2001 Is wealth becoming more polarized in the United States?D'Ambrosio, Conchita / Wolff, Edward N.
2001 Skills, computerization, and earnings in the postwar US economyWolff, Edward N.
2001 Endogenous money in a coherent stock-flow frameworkLavoie, Marc
2001 Contradictions coming home to roost? Income distribution and the return of the aggregate demand problemPalley, Thomas I.
2001 Israeli attitudes about inter vivos transfersSpilerman, Seymour / Elmelech, Yuval
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