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DateTitle Authors
1988 Long-term trends in profitability: The recovery of World War IIDumenil, Gerard / Glick, Mark / Levy, Dominique
1989 Unionization and labour regimes: A comparison between Canada and the United States since 1945Kettler, David / Struthers, James / Huxley, Christopher
1991 The changing contributions of men and women to the level and distribution of family income: 1968 - 1988Cancian, Maria / Danziger, Sheldon / Gottschalk, Peter
1991 Why were poverty rates so high in the 1980s?Blank, Rebecca M.
1991 Who are the truly poor? Patterns of official and net earnings capacity poverty. 1973 - 1988Haveman, Robert / Buron, Lawrence
1991 How useful are comparisons of present debt problems with the 1930s?Hart, Albert Gailord
1991 Employment restructuring and the labor market status of young black men in the 1980sHowell, David R.
1992 The 'Chicago Plan' and new deal banking reformPhillips, Ronnie J.
1993 Investment and U.S. Fiscal Policy in the 1990sFazzari, Steven M.
1993 Productivity, private and public capital, and real wage in the United States: 1948 - 1990Erenburg, Sharon J.
1994 The utilization of U.S. male labor: 1975-1992. Estimates of foregone work hoursBuron, Lawrence / Haveman, Robert / O'Donnell, Owen
1995 Industrial change and social mobility: Black men in New York City & London 1970-1990Ladipo, David
1996 The anatomy of the bond market turbulence of 1994Borio, Claudio E. V. / McCauley, Robert N.
1996 The utilization of human capital in the U.S.: 1975 - 1992. Patterns of work and earnings among working age malesHaveman, Robert / Buron, Lawrence / Bershadker, Andrew
1996 Which immigrant occupational skills? Explanations of Jewish economic mobility in the United States and new evidence : 1910 - 1920Perlmann, Joel
1996 Understanding the 1994 election: Still no realignmentLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
1997 Achievement and ambition among children of immigrants in Southern CaliforniaRumbaut, Rubin
1997 The effects of immigrants on African-American earnings: A job-level analysis of the New York City Labor Market : 1979 - 1989Howell, David R. / Mueller, Elizabeth J.
1997 The impact of racial segregation on the education and work outcomes of second generation west indians in New York CityWaters, Mary C.
1998 The American wage structure: 1920 - 1947Ferguson, Thomas / Galbraith, James K.
1999 The history of wage inequality in America: 1820 - 1970Margo, Robert A.
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