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DateTitle Authors
2002 Is there a trade-off between inflation variability and output-gap variability in the EMU countries?Arestis, Philip / Mouratidis, Kostas
2002 The euro, public expenditure and taxationArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 Should banks be narrowed?Bossone, Biagio
2002 A note on the Hicksian concept of incomeZacharias, Ajit
2002 The third way and the challenges to economic and monetary union macropoliciesArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 CRA's 25th anniversary: the past, present, and futureThomas, Kenneth H.
2002 Financial globalization: some conceptual problemsArestis, Philip / Basu, Santonu
2002 Asset poverty in the United States, 1984 - 1999: evidence from the panel study of income dynamicsCaner, Asena / Wolff, Edward N.
2002 Why the Tobin tax can be stabilizingErtürk, Korkut
2002 Financial policies and the aggregate productivity of the capital stock: evidence from developed and developing economiesArestis, Philip / Demetriades, Panicos / Fattouh, Bassam
2002 Race, ethnicity, and the gender-poverty gapElmelech, Yuval / Lu, Hsien-hen
2002 State policies and the warranted growth rateMoudud, Jamee K.
2002 The persistence of hardship over the life courseHungerford, Thomas L.
2002 Managed care, physician incentives and norms of medical practice: racing to the bottom or pulling to the top?Cooper, David J. / Rebitzer, James B.
2002 What has happened to monetarism? An investigation into the Keynesian roots of Milton Friedman's monetary thought and its apparent monetarist legaciesBibow, Jörg
2002 New consensus, new Keynesianism, and the economics of the third wayArestis, Philip / Sawyer, Malcolm
2002 Polish and Italian schooling then, Mexican schooling Now? US ethnic school attainments across the generations of the 20th centuryPerlmann, Joel
2002 Threshold effects in the US budget deficitArestis, Philip / Cipollini, Andrea / Fattouh, Bassam
2001 The causes of euro instabilityArestis, Philip / Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Iris / Brown, Andrew / Sawyer, Malcolm
2001 Part-year operation in 19th century American manufacturing: Evidence from the 1870 and 1880 censusesAtack, Jeremy / Bateman, Fred / Margo, Robert A.
2001 Israeli attitudes about inter vivos transfersSpilerman, Seymour / Elmelech, Yuval
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