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DateTitle Authors
2001 Time present and time past : a duration analysis of IMF program spellsJoyce, Joseph P.
2001 Child care and the welfare to work transitionLemke, Robert J. / Witt, Robert / Witte, Ann Dryden
2001 From hierarchical dualism to integrative liberation : thoughts on a possible non-racist non classist feminist futureMatthaei, Julie / Brandt, Barbara
2001 The Policy Context and Infant and Toddler Care in the Welfare Reform EraWitte, Ann Dryden / Queralt, Magaly / Witt, Robert / Griesinger, Harriet
2001 The Economic and Strategic Motives for Antidumping FilingsPrusa, Thomas J. / Skeath, Susan
2001 Sustaining Fixed Rates: The Political Economy of Currency Pegs in Latin AmericaBlomberg, S. Brock / Frieden, Jeffry / Stein, Ernesto
2001 The Impact Of Voter Initiatives On Economic ActivityBlomberg, S. Brock / Hess, Gregory D. / Weerapana, Akila
2001 Evaluation of Rhode Island's Family Independence Program, May 1996 - April 2000Witte, Ann Dryden / Queralt, Magaly / Tauchen, Helen
2002 Gender Differences in Trust and ReciprocityChaudhuri, Ananish / Gangadharan, Lata
2002 Through A Glass Darkly: New Questions (And Answers) About IMF ProgramsJoyce, Joseph P.
2002 Modern Commercial Policy: Managed Trade or Retaliation?Prusa, Thomas J. / Skeath, Susan
2002 The Demise of Distance? The Declining Role of Physical Distance In Knowledge TransmissionJohnson, Daniel K.N. / Siripong, Nalyn / Brown, Amy
2002 How The West Has Won: Regional and Industrial Inversion in U.S. Patent ActivityJohnson, Daniel K.N. / Brown, Amy
2002 Trust and Trustworthiness in a Sequential Bargaining GameChaudhuri, Ananish / Khan, Sarah Ali / Lakshmiratan, Aishwarya / Py, Anne-Laure / Shah, Lisa
2002 It?s a Small(er) World: The Role of Geography and Networks in Biotechnology InnovationJohnson, Daniel K.N. / Mareva, Milena
2002 A Tale of Two Seasons: Participation and Medal Counts at the Summer and Winter Olympic GamesJohnson, Daniel K.N. / Ali, Ayfer
2002 Fiscal policy in unionized labor marketsArdagna, Silvia
2002 Fiscal stabilizations: When do they work and whyArdagna, Silvia
2003 An inter-generational approach to the public goods problemChaudhuri, Ananish / Kim, Liliana / Ko, Susane / Rand-Giovannetti, Erin / Varghese, Nina
2003 To free ride or not to free ride? Role of patterning and feedback in the public goods gameChaudhuri, Ananish / Chen, DeeDee / Graziano, Sara / McIntire, Frances / Winkler, Dawn
2003 Promises made, promises broken : a model of IMF program implementationJoyce, Joseph P.
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