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DateTitle Authors
26-Jan-2016 Electricity Use as an Indicator of U.S. Economic ActivityArora, Vipin / Lieskovsky, Jozef
26-Jan-2016 Aggregate Productivity under an Energy-Based ApproachArora, Vipin
26-Jan-2016 Monetary Policy Evaluation using a Rational Expectations Model: the UK caseVasilev, Aleksandar
15-Dec-2015 Straight-time and Overtime: A Sequential Lottery Approach. Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
9-Dec-2015 The welfare effect of at income tax reform: the case of Bulgaria. Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
Dec-2015 Balancing Responsibility: What model works for Europe?Neuhoff, Karsten
Oct-2015 What Is Special in the Economics of Cybersecurity and Privacy?Jentzsch, Nicola
Sep-2015 Jung, älter, arbeitslos? Wie Ältere länger in Beschäftigung gehalten werden können, ohne die Jungen in die Arbeitslosigkeit zu treibenChristl, Michael / Kucsera, Dénes / Lorenz, Hanno
Sep-2015 Potenzieller Wettbewerb und Marktpreisbildung – Anmerkung zum Urteil des LG Bonn vom 18.12.2013 – 1 O 465/12 –Greiffenhagen, Horst
Aug-2015 Deutschland in Daten. Zeitreihen zur Historischen Statistik
Jul-2015 Empirics of Intraday and Real-time Markets in Europe: POLANDSiewierski, Tomasz
Mar-2015 The Marketplace for Privacy-Related Products and ServicesJentzsch, Nicola
Jan-2015 Stakeholder Engagement and Integration into the FrameworkJentzsch, Nicola
Jan-2015 Horizontal and Vertical Analysis of Privacy and Cyber-Security MarketsJentzsch, Nicola
Jan-2015 State-of-the-Art of the Economics of Cyber-Security and PrivacyJentzsch, Nicola
2015 US Health and Aggregate Fluctuations: Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
2015 Welfare gains from the adoption of proportional taxation in a general-equilibrium model with a grey economy: the case of Bulgaria's 2008 at tax reform. Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
2015 Wind electricity production in Germany and Spain: a dynamic relationshipAlonso-Rodriguez, Agustin
2015 Empirics of Intraday and Real-time Markets in Europe: SpainRodilla, Pablo / Batlle, Carlos
2015 Bidding Structures and Trading Arrangements for Flexibility across EU Power MarketsNeuhoff, Karsten / Ritter, Nolan / Schwenen, Sebastian
2015 Empirics of Intraday and Real-time Markets in Europe: The NetherlandsBrunekreeft, Gert
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