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DateTitle Authors
Dec-2009 The financial and economic crisis and pension systems: International experiencesEich, Frank
Jun-2009 Public sector pensions: Rationale and international experiencesEich, Frank
Jun-2009 Back to the drawing board: The economic crisis and its implications for pension provision in the United KingdomEich, Frank / Swarup, Amarendra
May-2009 Evaluating public and private sector pensions: The importance of sectoral pay differentialsEich, Frank
31-Mar-2009 Discriminating Rankings of Research in BusinessAlbers, Sönke
Mar-2009 Longevity: Trends, uncertainty and the implications for pension systemsEich, Frank / Swarup, Amarendra
2009 Neu für wen? Erste Aufnahmen aus der Sozialdimension der InnovationRoth, Steffen
2009 The impact of firm subsidies: Evaluating German regional policyAlm, Bastian / Bade, Franz-Josef
2009 Open Access and Open Assessment: The Future of Peer Reviewed Journals? Experiences with a New Journal in EconomicsSiegert, Olaf / Werner-Schwarz, Korinna
2009 Sinkende Geburtenraten als Herausforderung für den Wohlfahrtsstaat: Lösungswege der Familien- und Arbeitsmarktpolitik im internationalen VergleichGroß, Thomas / Hardmeier, Sibylle
2009 The Interplay of Personal Selling and Direct Marketing: An Exploratory Study in the Pharmaceutical IndustryHansen, Ann-Kristin
Nov-2008 Pensions: A Complex LandscapeEich, Frank / Swarup, Amarendra
31-Jan-2008 Credit Rating Agencies: The Main Lacuna in EU Regulation Governing Conflicts of InterestChirico, Alessandra
2008 Heterogeneous Response Functions in AdvertisingNaik, Prasad A. / Peters, Kay / Raman, Kalyan
2008 Is there more to international Diffusion than Culture? An investigation on the Role of Marketing and Industry VariablesPeters, Kay / Albers, Sönke / Kumar, V.
2008 Die Wertschöpfungskette des Handels im Zeitalter des Electronic Commerce - Was eingetreten ist und was dem Handel noch bevorstehtPeters, Kay / Albers, Sönke / Schäfers, Björn
2008 Erfolgsfaktoren des Kostenmanagements: Ergebnisse einer empirischen UntersuchungHimme, Alexander
2008 Kostenmanagement: Bestandsaufnahme und kritische Beurteilung der empirischen ForschungHimme, Alexander
1998 Valuation of Brands - A Critical Comparison of Different MethodsKriegbaum, Catharina
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