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DateTitle Authors
16-Nov-2011 The Economic Theory and the Portuguese Manufactured IndustryMartinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
2-Nov-2011 Entrepreneurship: some considerationsMartinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
2-Nov-2011 Entrepreneurship: what´s happening?Martinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
25-Oct-2011 Modeling Repeat Purchases in the Internet when RFM Captures Past Influence of MarketingReimer, Kerstin / Albers, Sönke
Aug-2011 The Effect of Restrictive Bank Lending on Innovation: Evidence from a Financial CrisisKipar, Stefan
25-Jul-2011 Revisiting the Use of Customer Information for CRMReimer, Kerstin / Becker, Jan U.
9-May-2011 Wem gehört die ökonomische Bildung? Notizen zur Verflechtung von Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und PolitikHedtke, Reinhold / Möller, Lucca
2011 The Experience Curve and the Market Size of Competitive Consumer Durable MarketsJoachim Kaldasch
2011 The fog of fraud: Mitigating fraud by strategic ambiguityLang, Matthias / Wambach, Achim
2011 Evolutionary Model of Non-Durable MarketsKaldasch, Joachim
2011 The Product Life Cycle of Durable GoodsKaldasch, Joachim
20-Dec-2010 Für eine bessere ökonomische Bildung!Hedtke, Reinhold / Famulla, Gerd-E. / Fischer, Andreas / Weber, Birgit / Zurstrassen, Bettina
9-Nov-2010 Sozialstaatlicher Reformgeist und ethische LegitimitätThieme, Sebastian
14-Oct-2010 Alliance Coordination, Dysfunctions, and the Protection of Idiosyncratic Knowledge in Strategic Learning AlliancesMüller, Dirk
2-Aug-2010 The Patenting Behavior of Academic FoundersWalter, Sascha G. / Schmidt, Arne / Walter, Achim
2-Aug-2010 Contingency Factors and the Technology-Performance-Relationship in Start-upsSchmidt, Arne / Walter, Sascha G. / Walter, Achim
2-Aug-2010 Ein Forschungsüberblick zu Einflussgrößen der Entwicklung technologieorientierter Spin-off-UnternehmenSchmidt, Arne / Heinrichs, Simon / Walter, Achim
Aug-2010 The importance of defined-benefit occupational pension schemes in selected OECD countriesEich, Frank
Jul-2010 Who will pay? Inter-generational transfers and public sector pensionsEich, Frank
12-Feb-2010 The Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in Pakistan: A New EvidenceAtif, Syed Muhammad / Siddiqi, Muhammad Wasif
2010 Gale Shapley auf dem ArbeitsmarktSchüssler, Reinhard / Seidel, Christian
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