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DateTitle Authors
28-Aug-2014 Do plants freeze upon uncertainty shocks?Mecikovsky, Ariel / Meier, Matthias
19-Aug-2014 Sponsoringstudie 2014 - Die Sponsoringpotenziale in der Fußball-BundesligaDavid M. Woisetschläger / Christof Backhaus / Jan Dreisbach / Marc Schnöring
25-Jul-2014 A finite set of equilibria for the indeterminacy of linear rational expectations modelsChatelain, Jean-Bernard / Ralf, Kirsten
Jul-2014 Bracket Creep Revisited: Progressivity and a Solution by Adjusting the Rich Tax in GermanyFlores Unzaga, Ismael Martin / Zhu, Junyi
3-Jun-2014 Unusual Location and Unexpected Execution in Advertising: Content Analysis and Test of Effectiveness in Ambient AdvertisementsHutter, Katharina
2-Jun-2014 Call for a Spatial Classification of Banking Systems through the Lens of SME Finance - Decentralized versus Centralized Banking in Germany as an ExampleGärtner, Stefan / Flögel, Franz
14-May-2014 Fußballstudie 2014 - Die Markenlandschaft der Fußball-BundesligaWoisetschläger, David M. / Backhaus, Christof / Dreisbach, Jan / Schnöring, Marc
30-Apr-2014 Some Lessons from Korea's Industrialization Strategy and ExperienceSta. Romana, Leonardo L.
18-Apr-2014 Leistungsprofile von Inkubatoren technologiebasierter Unternehmen: Eine empirische BestandsaufnahmeHeinrichs, Simon / Tischler, Joachim / Walter, Achim
18-Apr-2014 Das Patentierverhalten akademischer Gründer nach Abschaffung des HochschullehrerprivilegsTischler, Joachim / Walter, Sascha
18-Apr-2014 Characteristics of technological base, pace of technological development, and growth of young technology-based firmsTischler, Joachim
14-Apr-2014 Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy RulesChatelain, Jean-Bernard / Ralf, Kirsten
11-Apr-2014 Trust and Identity in a Small, Post-Socialist, Post-Crisis SocietyBjornskov, Christian / Bogetic, Zeljko / Hillman, Arye / Popovic, Milenko
Apr-2014 Price Level Changes and the Redistribution of Nominal Wealth Across the Euro AreaAdam, Klaus / Zhu, Junyi
31-Mar-2014 Macroprudential Regulation and the Role of Monetary PolicyTayler, William / Zilberman, Roy
4-Mar-2014 Stop Waiting Problem: Decision Rule with Ψ function and Application with Share PricesKohn, Wolfgang
Mar-2014 European Monetary Policy in the Heterogeneous Currency Area and the Open Question of ConvergenceAfflatet, Nicolas
3-Feb-2014 The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?Rana, Arslan Tariq / Kebewar, Mazen
30-Jan-2014 Personnel Economics essay: Issues in Human Capital Theory, training and earnings of workersJosheski, Dushko
30-Jan-2014 Еconomic theory and the New-Keynesian schoolJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija
2014 Social norms on rent seeking and preferences for redistributionSabatini, Fabio / Sarracino, Francesco / Yamamura, Eiji
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