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DateTitle Authors
2016 Warum es keine Ergänzungsbilanz des KGaA-Komplementärs gibt und vor einer Reform der KGaA-Besteuerung ausdrücklich zu warnen istKollruss, Thomas StB
25-Sep-2015 Conditions of diffusion of competitiveness clusters' technologies: A brief theoretical note.Iritié, Bi Goli Jean Jacques
15-Sep-2015 Dynamic Model of Markets of Successive Product GenerationsKaldasch, Joachim
9-Sep-2015 The Product Life Cycle of Durable GoodsKaldasch, Joachim
Sep-2015 Conceptualizing internationalization strategies for higher education institutionsAlpenidze, Onise
Sep-2015 Data Policies and Data Archives: A New Paradigm for Academic Publishing in Economic Sciences?Vlaeminck, Sven / Herrmann, Lisa-Kristin
21-Jul-2015 Dynamic Model of Markets of Homogenous Non-DurablesKaldasch, Joachim
14-Jul-2015 Will the AIIB and the NDB Help Reform Multilateral Development Banking?Reisen, Helmut
Jul-2015 Strategy of Internationalization for the Higher Education System (on the Example of Georgia)Chokheli, Eka / Alpenidze, Onise
Jun-2015 Analysis of Sovereign Yield Spreads Behavior: The French Bonds CaseVasilev, Aleksandar
14-May-2015 An alternative measure of economic inequality under the Lorenz curve framework in analogue to the index of refraction of geometrical opticsMajumder, Amlan
8-May-2015 Empirical Analysis of Information Security Awareness in the Business and Public Sectors of HungaryNemeslaki, Andras / Sasvari, Peter
Apr-2015 Evaluation von Subventionen im Rahmen der regionalen Wirtschaftspolitik in DeutschlandAlm, Bastian
30-Mar-2015 Economic growth and biodiversity: An overview. Conservation policies in AfricaIritié, Bi Goli Jean Jacques
24-Mar-2015 Peter Sloman, The Liberal Party and the Economy 1929-1964.Matsunaga, Tomoari
18-Mar-2015 Syed Mohammad Ali, Development, Poverty and Power in Pakistan: The impact of state and donor interventions on farmersMajoka, Hashir
18-Mar-2015 Assessing Competition with the Panzar-Rosse Model in the Turkish Banking SectorAçıkalın, Süleyman / Sakınç, İlker
18-Mar-2015 Reflections of Globalization in Society TodayMoura, Maria Lucia
18-Mar-2015 Economy and Art Why are Economy and Art Closely Linked?Alpagu, Hasan
18-Mar-2015 11th International Congress on Knowledge, Economy and ManagementKaraaslan, İbrahim
18-Mar-2015 The New Brazilian Anti-Corruption LawMoura, Carlos
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