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DateTitle Authors
2012 The impact of the 2008 Hadramout flash flood in Yemen on economic performance and nutrition: A simulation analysisBreisinger, Clemens / Ecker, Olivier / Thiele, Rainer / Wiebelt, Manfred
2012 Insurance demand and prospect theorySchmidt, Ulrich
2012 Informal-formal linkages and informal enterprise performance in urban West AfricaBöhme, Marcus / Thiele, Rainer
2012 Envy, guilt, and the Phillips curveAhrens, Steffen / Snower, Dennis J.
2012 What drives FDI from non-traditional sources? A comparative analysis of the determinants of bilateral FDI flowsSosa Andrés, Maximiliano / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Busse, Matthias
2012 Selective hiring and welfare analysis in labor market modelsMerkl, Christian / van Rens, Thijs
2012 The impact of seasonal and price adjustments on the predictability of German GDP revisionsBoysen-Hogrefe, Jens / Neuwirth, Stefan
2011 Parameter estimation and forecasting for multiplicative lognormal cascadesLeövey, Andrés E. / Lux, Thomas
2011 Climate change, agricultural production and food security: Evidence from YemenBreisinger, Clemens / Ecker, Olivier / Al-Riffai, Perrihan / Robertson, Richard / Thiele, Rainer / Wiebelt, Manfred
2011 Decompositions of wage inequality and growth in an advanced economy open to tradeEdward, T. Huw / Lücke, Matthias
2011 Donor coordination and specialization: Did the Paris declaration make a difference?Nunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes / Thiele, Rainer
2011 The GTAP-W model: Accounting for water use in agricultureCalzadilla, Alvaro / Rehdanz, Katrin / Tol, Richard S.J.
2011 Whole-household migration, inequality and poverty in rural MexicoArslan, Aslihan / Taylor, J. Edward
2011 Trend growth and learning about monetary policy rulesTesfaselassie, Mewael F.
2011 Financial stress and economic activity in Germany and the Euro Areavan Roye, Björn
2011 Income inequality and health: New evidence from panel dataHerzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2011 Steuervergünstigungen in Deutschland 2005 - 2012Boss, Alfred
2011 Determining optimal transit charges: The Kiel Canal in GermanyHeitmann, Nadine / Rehdanz, Katrin / Schmidt, Ulrich
2011 Forward looking dynamics in spatial CGE modellingBröcker, Johannes / Korzhenevych, Artem
2011 Matching labor's share in a search and matching modelReicher, Christopher Phillip
2011 Tax rate and tax base competition for foreign direct investmentEgger, Peter / Raff, Horst
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