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DateTitle Authors
2012 Cross-border mergers and Greenfield foreign direct investmentStepanok, Ignat
2012 Inequality aversion and the long-run effectiveness of monetary policy: Bilateral versus group comparisonAhrens, Steffen
2012 Identification of animal spirits in a bounded rationality model: An application to the euro areaJang, Tae-Seok / Sacht, Stephen
2012 Effects of international climate policy for India: Evidence from a national and global CGE modelWeitzel, Matthias / Ghosh, Joydeep / Peterson, Sonja / Pradhan, Basanta K.
2012 Does aid for education attract foreign investors? An empirical analysis for Latin AmericaDonaubauer, Julian / Herzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 Learning how to exportSegerstrom, Paul S. / Stepanok, Ignat
2012 The drivers of diaspora donations for development: Evidence from the PhilippinesLicuanan, Victoria / Omar Mahmoud, Toman / Steinmayr, Andreas
2012 Multi-model analyses of the economic and energy implications for China and India in a post-Kyoto climate regimeJohansson, Daniel J. A. / Lucas, Paul L. / Weitzel, Matthias / Ahlgren, Erik O. / Bazaz, A. B. / Chen, Wenying / den Elzen, Michel G. J. / Ghosh, Joydeep / Grahn, Maria / Liang, Qiao-Mei / Peterson, Sonja / Pradhan, Basanta K. / van Ruijven, Bas J. / Shukla, P. R. / van Vuuren, Detlef P. / Wei, Yi-Ming
2012 What drives India's outward FDI?Nunnenkamp, Peter / Sosa Andrés, Maximiliano / Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya / Waldkirch, Andreas
2012 Determinants of donor generosity: A survey of the aid budget literatureFuchs, Andreas / Dreher, Axel / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 Fair, optimal or detrimental? Environmental vs. strategic use of border carbon adjustmentWeitzel, Matthias / Hübler, Michael / Peterson, Sonja
2012 Foreign ownership structure, technology upgrading and exports: Evidence from Chinese firmsGirma, Sourafel / Gong, Yundan / Görg, Holger / Lancheros, Sandra
2012 Building BRICS: 2-Stage DEA analysis of R&D efficiencyCai, Yuezhou / Hanley, Aoife
2012 Euro area: Single currency - national money creationKooths, Stefan / van Roye, Björn
2012 Fixing the Phillips curve: The case of downward nominal wage rigidity in the USReitz, Stefan / Slopek, Ulf D.
2012 Offshoring, wages and job security of temporary workersGörg, Holger / Görlich, Dennis
2012 Financial intermediation and the role of price discrimination in a two-tier marketReitz, Stefan / Schmidt, Markus A. / Taylor, Mark P.
2012 Identifying the motives of migrant philanthropyLücke, Matthias / Omar Mahmoud, Toman / Peuker, Christian
2012 The role of proximity to universities for corporate patenting: Provincial evidence from ChinaLiu, Wan-Hsin
2012 FDI and income inequality: Evidence from Latin American economiesHerzer, Dierk / Hühne, Philipp / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 Inference for systems of stochastic differential equations from discretely sampled data: A numerical maximum likelihood approachLux, Thomas
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