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DateTitle Authors
2003 Why is there Cross-Country Variation in Female Labor Force Participation Rates? The Role of Male Attitudes Toward Family and Sex RolesAntecol, Heather
2003 Systemic Risk : Simulating Local Shocks To A Global SystemGould, Scot A. C. / Naftilan, Stephen A. / Khoury, Sarkis J.
2003 Asymmetric benchmarking in compensation : executives are paid for (good) luck but not punished for badGarvey, Gerald T. / Milbourn, Todd T.
2002 Skill reputation, prospect theory, and regret theoryHarbaugh, Richmond
2002 Does single parenthood increase the probability of teenage promiscuity, drug use and crime?Antecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
2002 What accounts for the emergence of Malthusian fertility in transition economies?Micevska, Maja B. / Zak, Paul J.
2002 Trade protectionismKaempfer, William H. / Tower, Edward / Willett, Thomas D.
2002 Race, suburbs and local expenditures on families: preliminary findingsConrad, Cecilia
2002 A report to the Committee on the Nobel Prize in Economic Science, 1985: the contributions of James M. Buchanan to economics and political economyBorcherding, Thomas E.
2002 Smith's Mutiny on the Bounty: the perils of polemicHueckel, Glenn
2002 The decision to work by married immigrant women: the role of extended family householdsAntecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
2002 Towards a broader public choice analysis of the International Monetary FundWillett, Thomas D.
2002 Cheap talk comparisons in multi-issue bargainingChakraborty, Archishman / Harbaugh, Richmond
2002 Walker's EQUILIBRIUM: a review essayHueckel, Glenn
2002 Malthus v. Bailey on the measure of value: a lesson in methodological humilityHueckel, Glenn
2002 Why is there so much disagreement about the IMF and reform of the international financial architecture? Thomas D. WillettWillett, Thomas D.
2002 Regulation and the evolution of corporate boards: monitoring, advising or window dressing?Helland, Eric / Sykuta, Michael
2002 Philanthropy and social capital in Los AngelesBrown , Eleanor / Ferris, James M.
2002 Pollution incidence and political jurisdiction: evidence from the TRIHelland, Eric / Whitford, Andrew B.
2002 Fear of floating needn't imply fixed rates: feasible options for intermediate exchange rate regimesWillett, Thomas D.
2002 For better or for worse? State-level marital formation and risk sharingChami, Ralph / Hess, Gregory D.
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