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DateTitle Authors
2003 Systemic Risk : Simulating Local Shocks To A Global SystemGould, Scot A. C. / Naftilan, Stephen A. / Khoury, Sarkis J.
2003 Why is there Cross-Country Variation in Female Labor Force Participation Rates? The Role of Male Attitudes Toward Family and Sex RolesAntecol, Heather
2003 Putting Legal Restrictions Theory to the Test: An Arkansan Experiment, 1861-1863Weidenmier, Marc D. / Burdekin, Richard C. K.
2003 Ordinal cheap talkChakraborty, Archishman / Harbaugh, Rick
2003 The Impact of E-Commerce Strategies on Firm Value : Lessons from and its Early CompetitorsFilson, Darren
2003 Dynamic Common Agency, Vertical Integration, and Investment : The Economics of Movie DistributionFilson, Darren
2003 Strategic Innovation and Technology Adoption in an Evolving IndustryFilson, Darren / Gretz, Richard T.
2003 Banking Relationships and Access to Equity Capital Markets : Evidence from Japan?s Main Bank SystemKutsuna, Kenji / Smith, Janet Kiholm / Smith, Richard L.
2003 Out of the Wallet and into the Purse : Using Micro Data to Test Income PoolingWard-Batts, Jennifer
2003 Achievement vs. Aptitude : The Incentive - screening Tradeoff in College AdmissionsHarbaugh, Rick
2003 Global Production Networks and Regional IntegrationArndt, Sven W.
2003 From war to integration: generalizing the dynamic of power transitionsEfird, Brian / Kugler, Jacek / Genna, Gaspare M.
2003 The changing role of capital in the US private business sector: evidence for a new economyBjork, Gordon C.
2003 Production sharing and Singapore's global competitivenessArndt, Sven W.
2003 The emergence of correlations in studies of global economic inter-dependence and contagionFriedman, Eric J. / Johnson, Simon / Landsberg, A. S.
2003 Circulating interest-bearing currency: an Arkansas experiment, 1861 - 1863Burdekin, Richard C. K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
2004 Trade Diversion and Production SharingArndt, Sven W.
2004 The Macroeconomic Consequences of TerrorismBlomberg, S. Brock / Hess, Gregory D. / Orphanides, Athanasios
2004 Consols, Financial Stability, and Pax BritanniaBrown, William O. / Burdekin, Richard C. K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
2004 Bailing Out Sovereign Debt : An Old Texan PrecedentBurdekin, Richard C. K.
2004 Nontraditional Monetary Policy Options : Is Commodity-Based Stabilization Policy Worth Another Look?Burdekin, Richard C. K.
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