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DateTitle Authors
2006 The Doha Development Round: reaching beyond trade liberalizationArndt, Sven W.
2006 Regional currency arrangements in North AmericaArndt, Sven W.
2006 Corporate philanthropic practicesBrown, William O. / Helland, Eric / Smith, Janet Kiholm
2006 Production networks in East Asia: strategic behavior by Japanese and US firmsArndt, Sven W. / Ando, Mitsuyo / Kimura, Fukunari
2006 The (after) life-cycle theory of religious contributionsBlomberg, S. Brock / DeLeire, Thomas / Hess, Gregory D.
2005 Are NBA fans becoming indifferent to race? Evidence from the 1990sBurdekin, Richard C. K. / Hossfeld, Richard T. / Smith, Janet Kiholm
2005 What has driven Chinese monetary policy since 1990? Investigating the people's bank's policy rulesBurdekin, Richard C. K. / Siklos, Pierre L.
2005 How severely does violence deter international investment?Blomberg, S. Brock / Mody, Ashoka
2005 Non-traditional open market operations: lessons from FDR's silver purchase programBurdekin, Richard C. K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
2005 Why are IPOs underpriced? Evidence from Japan's hybrid auction-method offeringsKerins, Frank / Kutsuna, Kenji / Smith, Richard L.
2005 US pressure on China's currency: Milton Friedman and the silver episode revisitedBurdekin, Richard C. K.
2005 What's in your 403(b)? Academic retirement plans and the costs of underdiversificationAngus, John / Brown, William O. / Smith, Janet Kiholm / Smith, Richard L.
2005 Banking relationships and access to equity capital markets: evidence from Japan's main bank systemKutsuna, Kenji / Smith, Janet Kiholm / Smith, Richard L.
2005 Optimal crop choice: farmer adaptation to climate changeSoto Arriagada, Leopoldo E.
2004 The Role of the Bidding Process in Price Determination : Jump Bidding in Sequential English AuctionsRaviv, Yaron
2004 New Evidence on Price Anomalies in Sequential Auctions : Used Cars in New JerseyRaviv, Yaron
2004 Advertising in the U.S. Personal Computer IndustryGoeree, Michelle S.
2004 Cooperation in the Classroom : Experimenting with Research Joint VenturesGoeree, Michelle S. / Hinloopen, Jeroen
2004 Assimilation via Prices or Quantities? : Labor Market Institutions and Immigrant Earnings Growth in Australia, Canada and the United StatesAntecol, Heather / Kuhn, Peter / Trejo, Stephen J.
2004 Unhealthy Assimilation : Do Immigrants Converge to American Weights?Antecol, Heather / Bedard, Kelly
2004 Nontraditional Monetary Policy Options : Is Commodity-Based Stabilization Policy Worth Another Look?Burdekin, Richard C. K.
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