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DateTitle Authors
2007 A note on trade costs and distanceLawless, Martina / Whelan, Karl
2007 Famine demographyÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007 Federal reserve information during the great moderationD'Agostino, Antonello / Whelan, Karl
2008 Joint dominance and tacit collusion: An analysis of the Irish Vodafone/O2 case and the implications for competition and regulatory policyMassey, Patrick / McDowell, Moore
2008 Optimally combining censored and uncensored datasetsDevereux, Paul J. / Tripathi, Gautam
2008 Validating the use of vignettes for subjective threshold scalesDelaney, Liam / Harmon, Colm P. / Kapteyn, Arie / van Soest, Arthur / Smith, James P.
2008 Where do firms export, how much, and why?Lawless, Martina / Whelan, Karl
2008 Ordinal and cardinal measures of health inequality: An empirical comparisonMadden, David
2008 Gender differences in mental well-being: A decomposition analysisMadden, David
2008 Researching the early history of savings banks in New York and in IrelandÓ Gráda, Cormac
2008 How the poor (and not-so-poor) saved: Savings banks in mid-nineteenth century Ireland and AmericaÓ Gráda, Cormac
2008 Event-related potentials reveal differential brain regions implicated in discounting in two tasksDelaney, Liam / Denny, Kevin John / Zhang, Wen / Rawdon, Caroline / Roche, Richard A. P.
2008 "A knavish people... so dextrous in bargaining that it is impossible for Christians to expect any advantage in their dealings with them": London Jewry and the Stockmarket during the South Sea BubbleCarlos, Ann M. / Maguire, Karen / Neal, Larry
2008 Nonlinearity as an explanation of the forward exchange rate anomalyBond, Derek / Hession, Niall / Harrison, Michael J. / O'Brien, Edward J.
2008 Economic status, religion, and demography in an Ulster town a century agoÓ Gráda, Cormac
2008 Handedness and depression: Evidence from a large population surveyDenny, Kevin
2008 The determinants of self-rated health in the Republic of Ireland: Further evidence and future directionsDelaney, Liam / Harmon, Colm / Kelleher, Cecily / Kenny, Caroline
2008 Health and income poverty in Ireland, 2003 - 2006Madden, David
2008 Why do some Irish drink so much?Delaney, Liam / Kapteyn, Arie / Smith, James P.
2008 The Irish economy half a century agoÓ Gráda, Cormac
2008 Optimal taxation, social contract and the four worlds of welfare capitalismBargain, Olivier / Spadaro, Amedeo
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