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DateTitle Authors
2001 Foreign direct investment, agglomerations and demonstration effects: An empirical investigationBarry, Frank / Görg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2001 Outward FDI and the investment development path of a late-industrialising economy: Evidence from IrelandBarry, Frank / Görg, Holger / MacDowell, Andrew
2001 On Lord Palmerston and the Irish famine emigrationAnbinder, Tyler
2001 Fertility in South Dublin a century ago: A first lookGuinnane, Timothy W. / Moehling, Carolyn M. / Ó Gráda, Cormac
2001 Stratford's Robertstown estate during the 1840sNorton, Desmond A. G.
2001 International Trade: Commercial policyNeary, J. Peter
2001 Where was Denis Mahon shot?Norton, Desmond A. G.
2001 Famine demography: An introductionDyson, Tim / Ó Gráda, Cormac
2001 Viscount Frankfort, Sir Charles Burton and county Carlow in the 1840sNorton, Desmond A. G.
2002 Globalisation and market structureNeary, J. Peter
2002 The road less travelled: Oligopoly and competition policy in general equilibriumNeary, J. Peter
2002 A review of recent research into poverty in IrelandMadden, David
2002 Competitive versus comparative advantageNeary, J. Peter
2002 Time-to-build investment and uncertainty in oligopolyDewit, Gerda / Leahy, Dermot
2002 Demography, food production and famine risks in the 21centuryDyson, Tim / Ó Gráda, Cormac
2002 Sources of health inequality for Irish womenMadden, David
2002 Do tobacco taxes influence starting and quitting smoking? A discrete choice approach using evidence from a sample of Irish womenMadden, David
2002 Is the Celtic tiger a paper tiger?Ó Gráda, Cormac
2002 Smoke and strong whiskey: Factors influencing female smoking and drinking in IrelandMadden, David
2002 Competitiveness implications for Ireland of EU enlargementBarry, Frank G. / Hannan, Aoife / Kearney, Colm
2002 Sexual intemperance and money on an Irish estate in the eighteen fortiesNorton, Desmond A. G.
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