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DateTitle Authors
2006 Sample selection versus two-part models revisited: The case of female smoking and drinkingMadden, David
2006 Does votong history matter? Analysing persistence in turnoutDenny, Kevin / Doyle, Orla
2006 Dublin Jewish demography a century agoÓ Gráda, Cormac
2006 Politician preferences and caps on political lobbyingPastine, Ivan / Pastine, Tuvana
2006 Foreign direct investment and institutional co-evolution in IrelandBarry, Frank
2006 The state, venture capital and domestic high-tech start-ups in an late-development economy: IrelandBarry, Frank / Topa, Beata
2006 Small sample bias in synthetic cohort models of labor supplyDevereux, Paul J.
2006 Signal accuracy and informational cascadesPastine, Ivan / Pastine, Tuvana
2006 Education choice under uncertainty: Implications for public policyHogan, Vincent / Walker, Ian
2006 An equilibrium search model of the informal sectorBadaoui, Eliane / Strobl, Eric / Walsh, Frank
2006 Cognitive ability and hemispheric indecision: Two surpluses and a deficitDenny, Kevin
2006 Do small group health insurance regulations influence small business size?Kapur, Kanika / Karaca-Mandic, Pinar / Gates, Susan M. / Fulton, Brent
2006 Productivity growth and inflation: A multi-country studyHogan, Vincent / Zhao, Hongmei
2006 Playing away to win at homeLeahy, Dermot / Pavelin, Stephen
2006 Greed, impatience and exchange rate determinationBohn, Frank
2006 The role of health insurance in joint retirement among married couplesKapur, Kanika / Rogowski, Jeannette
2006 Health insurance transitions after retirement: Did HIPAA expand coverage for retirees?Kapur, Kanika / Rogowski, Jeannette
2006 Measuring fuel diversity in power generationMcCarthy, Colm / O'Dwyer, Jeremiah / Troy, Richard
2006 Making famine historyÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007 Geography, European colonization, and past population dynamics in AfricaVaz Silva, Luís
2007 The ripple that drowns? Twentieth-century famines in China and India as economic historyÓ Gráda, Cormac
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