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DateTitle Authors
2007 Federal reserve information during the great moderationD'Agostino, Antonello / Whelan, Karl
2007 Famine demographyÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007 A note on trade costs and distanceLawless, Martina / Whelan, Karl
2007 Optimal IPO design with informed tradingParlane, Sarah / Rousseau, Fabrice
2007 Modelling Ireland's exchange rates: From EMS to EMUBond, Derek / Harrison, Michael J. / O'Brien, Edward J.
2007 An analysis of mental stress in Ireland, 1994 - 2000Madden, David
2007 Geography, institutions, and compared development in AfricaVaz Silva, Luís
2007 Employment sub-centres and the choice of mode of travel to work in the Dublin regionReynolds-Feighan, Aisling / Vega, Amaya
2007 Famines and marketsÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007 On modeling household labor supply with taxationBargain, Olivier
2007 How tight are safety-nets in Nordic Countries? Evidence from Finnish register dataBargain, Olivier / Immervoll, Herwig / Viitamäki, Heikki
2007 Owner-occupied housing costs and bias in the Irish consumer price indexMcCarthy, Colm
2007 Big and tall parents do not have more sonsDenny, Kevin
2007 Health interventions and risky behaviourMadden, David
2007 On the likely extent of falls in Irish house pricesKelly, Morgan
2007 Analysing the effects of tax-benefit reforms on income distribution: A decomposition approachBargain, Olivier / Callan, Tim
2007 A theory of child targetingBargain, Olivier / Donni, Olivier
2007 Yardsticks for workhouses during the great famineÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007 Exploring nonlinearity with random field regressionBond, Derek / Harrison, Michael J. / O'Brien, Edward J.
2007 The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on workers and total hoursStrobl, Eric / Walsh, Frank A.
2007 The ripple that drowns? Twentieth-century famines in China and India as economic historyÓ Gráda, Cormac
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