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DateTitle Authors
2013 Self-reported and measured BMI in Ireland: Should we adjust the obesity thresholds?Madden, David
2013 Great leap, great famineÓ Gráda, Cormac
2013 TARGET2 and central bank balance sheetsWhelan, Karl
2013 Eating people is wrong: Famine's darkest secret?Ó Gráda, Cormac
2013 The poverty effects of a "Fat-Tax" in IrelandMadden, David
2012 CCCTB 4 EU? SA vs. FA w/ FTADavies, Ronald B.
2012 Don't stress: Early life conditions, hypertension, and selection into associated risk factorsMcGovern, Mark E.
2012 Export mode, trade costs, and productivity sortingDavies, Ronald B. / Jeppesen, Tine
2012 Improving the Eurosystem for old and new membersMcCarthy, Colm
2012 Methods for studying dominance and inequality in population healthMadden, David
2012 Analysing determinants of match attendance in the European Rugby CupHogan, Vincent / Massey, Patrick / Massey, Shane
2012 Schooling and voter turnout is there an American exception?Chevalier, Arnaud / Doyle, Orla
2012 The influence of macroeconomic conditions and institutional quality on national levels of life satisfactionWalsh, Brendan
2012 The labor-market returns to community college degrees, diplomas, and certificatesJepsen, Christopher / Troske, Kenneth / Coomes, Paul
2012 ELA, promissory notes and all that: The fiscal costs of Anglo Irish BankWhelan, Karl
2012 Poverty-reducing directions of indirect marginal tax reforms in IrelandAre, Wasiu Adekunle
2012 Playing by the rules? The development of an amended index to measure the impact of rules of origin on intra-PTA trade flowsKelleher, Sinéad
2012 Breaking the cycle of deprivation: An experimental evaluation of an early childhood interventionDoyle, Orla
2012 Foreign direct investment and the ease of doing businessCorcoran, Adrian / Gillanders, Robert
2012 Incumbent-quality advantage and counterfactual electoral stagnation in the U.S. SenatePastine, Ivan / Pastine, Tuvana / Redmond, Paul
2012 Competitive balance and match attendance in European rugby union leaguesHogan, Vincent / Massey, Patrick / Massey, Shane
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