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DateTitle Authors
2010 A note on Hadamard differentiability and differentiability in quadratic meanTinkl, Fabian
2010 Asymptotic theory for M estimators for martingale differences with applications to GARCH modelsTinkl, Fabian
2010 Women move differently: Job separations and genderHirsch, Boris / Schnabel, Claus
2010 Complete closed-form solution to a stochastic growth model and corresponding speed of economic recoveryFeicht, Robert / Stummer, Wolfgang
2010 Wage cyclicality under different regimes of industrial relationsGartner, Hermann / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2010 Using wavelets for time series forecasting: Does it pay off?Schlüter, Stephan / Deuschle, Carola
2010 Volatility models with innovations from new maximum entropy densities at workFischer, Matthias J. / Gao, Yang / Herrmann, Klaus
2010 Pricing an European gas storage facility using a continuous-time spot price model with GARCH diffusionSchlüter, Stephan / Davison, Matt
2010 Low-wage careers: are there dead-end firms and dead-end jobs?Mosthaf, Alexander / Schnabel, Claus / Stephani, Jens
2009 The institutional context of an "empirical law": the wage curve under different regimes of collective bargainingBlien, Uwe / Dauth, Wolfgang / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2009 Low-wage employment versus unemployment: which one provides better prospects for women?Mosthaf, Alexander / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2009 Product variety, price elasticity of demand and fixed cost in spatial modelsGu, Yiquan / Wenzel, Tobias
2009 Product differentiation and welfare in a mixed duopoly with regulated prices: the case of a public and a private hospitalHerr, Annika
2009 The impacts of outliers on different estimators for GARCH processes: an empirical studyArdelean, Vlad
2009 Getting beer during commercials: adverse effects of Ad-AvoidanceStuehmeier, Torben / Wenzel, Tobias
2009 Non-Extensitivity versus informative moments for financial models: a unifying framework and empirical resultsHerrmann, Klaus
2009 Indirect network effects with two salop circles: the example of the music industryDewenter, Ralf / Haucap, Justus / Wenzel, Tobias
2009 Consolidation in banking and financial stability in Europe: empirical evidenceUhde, André / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2009 A two-factor model for electricity prices with dynamic volatilitySchlüter, Stephan
2009 A tail quantile approximation formula for the student t and the symmetric generalized hyperbolic distributionSchlüter, Stephan / Fischer, Matthias J.
2009 Constructing a quasilinear moving average using the scaling functionSchlüter, Stephan
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