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DateTitle Authors
2009 Constructing a quasilinear moving average using the scaling functionSchlüter, Stephan
2009 Spatial-serial dependency in multivariate GARCH models and dynamic copulas: a simulation studyIngo, Klein / Christian, Köck / Fabian, Tinkl
2009 Worker directors: a German product that didn't export?Addison, John T. / Schnabel, Claus
2008 The aging of the unions in West Germany, 1980-2006Schnabel, Claus / Wagner, Joachim
2008 On the incentives to form strategic coalitions in ATM marketsWenzel, Tobias
2008 Strategic capacity choice under uncertainty: the impact of market structure on investment and welfareGrimm, Veronika / Zoettl, Gregor
2008 Mechanisms for efficient voting with private information about preferencesEngelmann, Dirk / Grimm, Veronika
2008 Production under uncertainty: a characterization of welfare enhancing and optimal price capsGrimm, Veronika / Zoettl, Gregor
2008 Models for time-varying moments using maximum entropy applied to a generalized measure of volatilityHerrmann, Klaus
2008 On J.M. Keynes' The principal averages and the laws of error which lead to them: refinement and generalisationKlein, Ingo / Grottke, Michael
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