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DateTitle Authors
2009 The institutional context of an "empirical law": the wage curve under different regimes of collective bargainingBlien, Uwe / Dauth, Wolfgang / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2010 Low-wage careers: are there dead-end firms and dead-end jobs?Mosthaf, Alexander / Schnabel, Claus / Stephani, Jens
2010 Pricing an European gas storage facility using a continuous-time spot price model with GARCH diffusionSchlüter, Stephan / Davison, Matt
2010 Volatility models with innovations from new maximum entropy densities at workFischer, Matthias J. / Gao, Yang / Herrmann, Klaus
2010 Using wavelets for time series forecasting: Does it pay off?Schlüter, Stephan / Deuschle, Carola
2010 Wage cyclicality under different regimes of industrial relationsGartner, Hermann / Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus
2010 Complete closed-form solution to a stochastic growth model and corresponding speed of economic recoveryFeicht, Robert / Stummer, Wolfgang
2010 Women move differently: Job separations and genderHirsch, Boris / Schnabel, Claus
2010 Asymptotic theory for M estimators for martingale differences with applications to GARCH modelsTinkl, Fabian
2010 A note on Hadamard differentiability and differentiability in quadratic meanTinkl, Fabian
2011 The impact of peer ability and heterogeneity on student achievement: Evidence from a natural experimentKiss, David
2011 Convergence or divergence? Immigrant wage assimilation patterns in GermanyZibrowius, Michael
2011 Families of copulas closed under the construction of generalized linear meansKlein, Ingo / Christa, Florian
2011 Weighted power mean copulas: Theory and applicationKlein, Ingo / Fischer, Matthias J. / Pleier, Thomas
2011 How important is the family? Evidence from sibling correlations in permanent earnings in the US, Germany and DenmarkSchnitzlein, Daniel D.
2011 How important is cultural background for the level of intergenerational mobility?Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2011 Teacher experience and the class size effect - experimental evidenceMueller, Steffen
2011 Dynamic copula-based Markov chains at work: Theory, testing and performance in modeling daily stock returnsTinkl, Fabian / Reichert, Katja
2011 Van Zwet ordering for Fechner asymmetryKlein, Ingo
2011 Let's take bargaining models seriously: The decline in union power in Germany, 1992 - 2009Hirsch, Boris / Schnabel, Claus
2011 Weighted power mean copulas: Theory and applicationKlein, Ingo / Fischer, Matthias J. / Pleier, Thomas
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