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DateTitle Authors
2014 Strictness of tax compliance norms: A factorial survey on the acceptance of inheritance tax evasion in GermanyAbraham, Martin / Lorek, Kerstin / Richter, Friedemann / Wrede, Matthias
2014 Where and when to pray? Optimal mass planning and efficient resource allocation in the churchMartin, Alexander / Weibelzahl, Martin
2014 Teenage pregnancies and births in Germany: Patterns and developmentsCygan-Rehm, Kamila / Riphahn, Regina
2014 An experimental study of corporate social responsibility through charitable giving in Bertrand marketsFeicht, Robert / Grimm, Veronika / Seebauer, Michael
2014 Transmission and generation investment in electricity markets: The effects of market splitting and network fee regimesGrimm, Veronika / Martin, Alexander / Weibenzahl, Martin / Zoettl, Gregor
2014 Are taxes beautiful? A survey experiment on information, tax choice and perceived adequacy of the tax burdenAbbiati, Lorenzo / Antinyan, Armenak / Corazzini, Luca
2014 Learning cost sensitive binary classification rules accounting for uncertain and unequal misclassification costsRybizki, Lydia
Aug-2013 Generalized trust and regional innovation activitySchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Who opts out of the statutory health insurance? A discrete time hazard model for GermanyBünnings, Christian / Tauchmann, Harald
2013 Absence from work of the self-employed: A comparison with paid employeesLechmann, Daniel S. / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Wage posting or wage bargaining? Evidence from the employers' sideBrenzel, Hanna / Gartner, Hermann / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Do female mayors make a difference? Evidence from BavariaSchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Survival of spinoffs and other startups: First evidence for the private sector in Germany, 1976 - 2008Fackler, Daniel / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Outliers & predicting time series: A comparative studyArdelean, Vlad / Pleier, Thomas
2013 Do immigrants follow their home country's fertility norms?Cygan-Rehm, Kamila
2013 Quasi-maximum likelihood estimation in generalized polynomial autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity modelsTinkl, Fabian
2013 Quasi-maximum likelihood estimation in generalized polynomial autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity modelsTinkl, Fabian
2013 Fair inheritance taxation in the presence of tax planningWrede, Matthias
2013 Rational choice of itemized deductionsWrede, Matthias
2012 Detecting outliers in time seriesArdelean, Vlad
2012 Heterogeneous skills and homogeneous land: Segmentation and agglomerationWrede, Matthias
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