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DateTitle Authors
2015 Nonlinear dependence modeling with bivariate copulas: Statistical arbitrage pairs trading on the S&P 100Krauss, Christopher / Stübinger, Johannes
2015 Economic integration and interdependence of tax policyHolzmann, Carolin / von Schwerin, Axel
2015 The Piotroski F-Score: A fundamental value strategy revisited from an investor's perspectiveKrauss, Christopher / Krüger, Tom / Beerstecher, Daniel
2015 Feasible earnings momentum in the U.S. stock market: An investor's perspectiveKrauss, Christopher / Beerstecher, Daniel / Krüger, Tom
2015 On the power and size properties of cointegration tests in the light of high-frequency stylized factsKrauss, Christopher / Herrmann, Klaus / Teis, Stefan
2015 A multivariate linear rank test of independence based on a multiparametric copula with cubic sectionsMangold, Benedikt
2015 Statistical arbitrage pairs trading strategies: Review and outlookKrauss, Christopher
2015 Tax planning of married couples in East and West GermanyErbe, Katharina
2015 Cumulative paired Phi-entropyKlein, Ingo / Mangold, Benedikt
2015 Weight loss and sexual activity in adult obese individuals: Establishing a causal linkReichert, Arndt R. / Tauchmann, Harald / Wübker, Ansgar
2015 Trust and beliefs among Europeans: Cross-country evidence on perceptions and behaviorDieckmann, Anja / Fischbacher, Urs / Grimm, Veronika / Unfried, Matthias / Utikal, Verena / Valmasoni, Lorenzo
2015 In-group favoritism and discrimination among multiple out-groupsGrimm, Veronika / Utikal, Verena / Valmasoni, Lorenzo
2015 United, yet apart? A note on persistent labour market differences between Western and Eastern GermanySchnabel, Claus
2015 How health plan enrollees value prices relative to supplemental benefits and service qualityBünnings, Christian / Schmitz, Hendrik / Tauchmann, Harald / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 Does direct democracy foster efficient policies? An experimental investigation of costly initiativesSeebauer, Michael
2014 Components of intraday volatility and their prediction at different sampling frequencies with application to DAX and BUND futuresHerrmann, Klaus / Teis, Stefan / Yu, Weijun
2014 Employment protection in dual labor markets: Any amplification of macroeconomic shocks?Lochner, Benjamin
2014 Fostering the best execution regime: An experiment about pecuniary sanctions and accountability in fiduciary money managementCasal, Sandro / Ploner, Matteo / Sproten, Alec N.
2014 Intergenerational transmission of unemployment: Evidence for German sonsMäder, Miriam / Müller, Steffen / Riphahn, Regina T. / Schwientek, Caroline
2014 Plausible prior estimationMangold, Benedikt
2014 The levelling effect of product market competition on gender wage discriminationHirsch, Boris / Oberfichtner, Michael / Schnabel, Claus
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