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DateTitle Authors
2014 Components of intraday volatility and their prediction at different sampling frequencies with application to DAX and BUND futuresHerrmann, Klaus / Teis, Stefan / Yu, Weijun
2014 Employment protection in dual labor markets: Any amplification of macroeconomic shocks?Lochner, Benjamin
2014 Fostering the best execution regime: An experiment about pecuniary sanctions and accountability in fiduciary money managementCasal, Sandro / Ploner, Matteo / Sproten, Alec N.
2014 Intergenerational transmission of unemployment: Evidence for German sonsMäder, Miriam / Müller, Steffen / Riphahn, Regina T. / Schwientek, Caroline
2014 Plausible prior estimationMangold, Benedikt
2014 The levelling effect of product market competition on gender wage discriminationHirsch, Boris / Oberfichtner, Michael / Schnabel, Claus
2014 Phillips curve shocks and real exchange rate fluctuations: SVAR evidenceGehrke, Britta / Yao, Fang
2014 Fiscal rules and unemploymentGehrke, Britta
2014 Strictness of tax compliance norms: A factorial survey on the acceptance of inheritance tax evasion in GermanyAbraham, Martin / Lorek, Kerstin / Richter, Friedemann / Wrede, Matthias
2014 Where and when to pray? Optimal mass planning and efficient resource allocation in the churchMartin, Alexander / Weibelzahl, Martin
2014 Teenage pregnancies and births in Germany: Patterns and developmentsCygan-Rehm, Kamila / Riphahn, Regina
2014 An experimental study of corporate social responsibility through charitable giving in Bertrand marketsFeicht, Robert / Grimm, Veronika / Seebauer, Michael
2014 Transmission and generation investment in electricity markets: The effects of market splitting and network fee regimesGrimm, Veronika / Martin, Alexander / Weibenzahl, Martin / Zoettl, Gregor
2014 Are taxes beautiful? A survey experiment on information, tax choice and perceived adequacy of the tax burdenAbbiati, Lorenzo / Antinyan, Armenak / Corazzini, Luca
2014 Learning cost sensitive binary classification rules accounting for uncertain and unequal misclassification costsRybizki, Lydia
Aug-2013 Generalized trust and regional innovation activitySchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Who opts out of the statutory health insurance? A discrete time hazard model for GermanyBünnings, Christian / Tauchmann, Harald
2013 Absence from work of the self-employed: A comparison with paid employeesLechmann, Daniel S. / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Wage posting or wage bargaining? Evidence from the employers' sideBrenzel, Hanna / Gartner, Hermann / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Do female mayors make a difference? Evidence from BavariaSchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Survival of spinoffs and other startups: First evidence for the private sector in Germany, 1976 - 2008Fackler, Daniel / Schnabel, Claus
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