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DateTitle Authors
2005 An ANC payoff function for networks with sequentially Nash coherent plansNieva, Ricardo
2004 A theory of demand for gamblesNyman, John A.
2003 The Market for Liars: Reputation and Auditor HonestyMcLennan, Andrew
2003 Economic Effects of Liberalization: The Case of China's Accession to the World Trade OrganizationBajona, Claustre / Chu, Tianshu
2003 Health Insurance Theory: The Case of the Vanishing Welfare GainNyman, John A.
2003 Consumption-Based CAPM and Option Pricing under Jump-Diffusion UncertaintyKusuda, Koji
2002 A Theoretical Investigation of Handguns, Cops and RobbersJin Kim, Jin / Boyd, John H.
2002 Existence, Uniqueness, and Determinacy of Equilibria in Complete Security Markets with Infinite Dimensional Martingale GeneratorKusuda, Koji
2001 The Expected Number of Nash Equilibria of a Normal Form GameMcLennan, Andrew
2001 The Demand for Insurance: Expected Utility Theory from a Gain PerspectiveNyman, John A.
2001 The Theory of the Demand for Health InsuranceNyman, John A.