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DateTitle Authors
2009 Intergenerational justice when future worlds are uncertainLlavador, Humberto / Roemer, John E. / Silvestre, Joaquim
2008 Rage against the machines: how subjects learn to play against computersSchipper, Burkhard C. / Dürsch, Peter / Kolb, Albert / Oechssler, Jörg
2008 Path forecast evaluationJordà, Òscar / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2008 Incentives for subjects in internet experimentsDuersch, Peter / Oechssler, Jörg / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2008 Non-cooperative game theoryBonanno, Giacomo
2008 On an evolutionary foundation of neuroeconomicsSchipper, Burkhard C.
2008 Welfare reform, 1834Clark, Gregory / Page, Marianne
2008 Task specialization, immigration, and wagesPeri, Giovanni / Sparber, Chad
2007 Unawareness, beliefs and gamesHeifetz, Aviad / Meier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2007 Temporal belief revision rationalized by plausibility orderingsBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Two lectures on the epistemic foundations of game theoryBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Four logics for minimal belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2007 The probability approach to general equilibrium with productionQuinzii, Martine / Magill, Michael
2007 A syntactic approach to rationality in gamesBonanno, Giacomo
2007 Joint inference and counterfactual experimentation for impulse response functions by local projectionsJordà, Òscar
2007 Cournot competition between teams: an experimental studySchipper, Burkhard C. / Raab, Philippe
2007 Inference for impulse responsesJordà, Òscar
2007 Estimation and inference by the method of projection minimum distanceJordà, Òscar
2007 Sylvester matrix and common factors in polynomial matricesWegge , Leon
2006 Bootstrap-based improvements for inference with clustered errorsCameron, A. Colin / Miller, Douglas L. / Gelbach, Jonah B.
2006 Schooling externalities, technology and productivity: theory and evidence from US statesIranzo, Susana / Peri, Giovanni
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