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DateTitle Authors
2004 Model-free impulse responsesJordà, Òscar
2004 Common shocks and relative compensation schemesMagill, Michael / Quinzii, Martine
2004 A simple modal logic for belief revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2004 Why do institutional plan sponsors hire and fire their investment managers?Knittel, Christopher R. / Heisler, Jeffrey / Neumann, John J. / Stewart, Scott
2005 Does exchange rate variability matter for welfare? A quantitative investigation of stabilization policiesBergin, Paul / Shin, Hyung-Cheol / Tchakarov, Ivan
2005 The international dynamics of R&D and innovation in the short run and in the long runPeri, Giovanni / Bottaz, Laura
2005 Biases in static oligopoly models? Evidence from the California electricity marketKnittel, Christopher R. / Kim, Dae-Wook
2005 Incompatibility, product attributes and consumer welfare: evidence from ATMsKnittel, Christopher R. / Stango, Victor
2005 Anticipated utility and rational expectations as approximations of Bayesian decision makingCogley, Timothy W. / Sargent, Thomas J.
2005 Temporal interaction of information and beliefBonanno, Giacomo
2005 The long march of history: farm wages, population and economic growth, England 1209 - 1869Clark, Gregory
2005 The intergenerational effects of compulsory schoolingPage, Marianne / Stevens, Ann Huff / Oreopoulos, Philip
2005 Compatibility and pricing with indirect network effects: evidence from ATMsKnittel, Christopher R. / Stango, Victor
2005 Endogeneous regulatory delay and the timing of product innovationPrieger, James E.
2005 International migrations: some comparisons and lessons for the European UnionPeri, Giovanni
2005 A canonical model for interactive unawarenessHeifetz, Aviad / Meier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2005 Endogeneous tradability and macroeconomic implicationsBergin, Paul / Glick, Reuven
2005 Rethinking the gains from immigration: theory and evidence from the USPeri, Giovanni / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2005 Ambiguity and social interactionEichberger, Jürgen / Kelsey, David H. / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2005 Macroeconomic priorities and crash statesSalyer, Kevin D.
2005 Dr. Keynes: economic theory in a diagnostic scienceHoover, Kevin D.
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