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DateTitle Authors
1998 Decision rules for selecting between exponential and logistic STAREscribano, Alvaro / Jordà, Òscar
2000 Measuring systematic monetary policyHoover, Kevin D. / Jordá, Oscar
2000 The role of ideology in disagreements among economists: A quantitative analisisMayer, Thomas
2000 Noncentral student distributed LS and IV estimatorsWegge, Leon L.
2000 To what extent do fiscal regimes equalize opportunities for income acquisitions among citizens?Roemer, John E., Aaberge, Rolf / Colombino, Ugo / Fritzell, Johan / Jenkins, Stephen P. / Marx, Ive / Page, Marianne / Pommer, Evert / Ruiz-Castillo, Javier / San Segundo, Maria Jesus / Tranaes, Torben / Wagner, Gert G. / Zubiri, Ignacio
2000 Regulation, innovation, and the introduction of new telecommunications servicesPrieger, James E.
2000 A new application of Taylor rules: Model evaluationSalyer, Kevin / Van Gaasbeck, Kristin
2000 The 'flypaper effect' is not an anomalyRoemer, John E. / Silvestre, Joaquim
2000 A generalized parametric selection model for non-normal dataPrieger, James E.
2000 Imputation and price indexes: Theory and evidence from the international price programFeenstra, Robert C. / Diewert, W. Erwin
2000 Improving communication in economics: A task for methodologistsMayer, Thomas
2000 Telecommunications regulation and new services: A case study at the state levelPrieger, James E.
2000 Conditional moment tests for parametric duration modelsPrieger, James E.
2000 Monetary policy coordination: A new empirical approachBergin, Paul R. / Jordá, Oscar
2000 Truth and robustness in cross-country growth regressionsHoover, Kevin D. / Perez, Stephen J.
2000 Stochastic processes subject to time-scale transformations: An application to high-frequency FX dataJordá, Oscar / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2001 Measuring systematic monetary policyHoover, Kevin D. / Jordà, Òscar
2001 Misinterpreting a failure to disconfirm as a confirmation: A recurrent misreading of significance testsMayer, Thomas
2001 The response of term rates to monetary policy uncertaintyJordá, Oscar / Salyer, Kevin D.
2001 Some Fiscal Implications of Monetary PolicySalyer, Kevin / Dellas, Harris
2001 The announcement effect: Evidence from open market desk dataJorda, Oscar / Demiralp, Selva / Liu, Holly / Williams, Jeffrey
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