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DateTitle Authors
2010 Malthus to modernity: England's first fertility transition, 1760 - 1800Clark, Gregory / Cummins, Neil
2010 Rethinking the area approach: Immigrants and the labor market in California, 1960 - 2005Peri, Giovanni
2010 Robust inference with clustered dataCameron, A. Colin / Miller, Douglas L.
2010 Directed search and optimal productionGeromichalos, Athanasios
2010 Financial choice in a non-Ricardian model of tradeRuss, Katheryn / Valderrama, Diego
2010 Revealed unawarenessSchipper, Burkhard C.
2010 Carry tradeJorda, Oscar
2010 Belief change in branching time: AGM-consistency and iterated revisionBonanno, Giacomo
2010 AGM-consistency and perfect Bayesian equilibrium. Part I: Definition and propertiesBonanno, Giacomo
2010 Pure saddle points and symmetric relative payoff gamesDuersch, Peter / Oechssler, Jörg / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2010 The surprising wealth of pre-industrial EnglandClark, Gregory / Cummins, Joe / Smith, Brock
2010 Robust inference with clustered dataCameron, A. Colin / Miller, Douglas L.
2010 FDI in the banking sectorde Blas, Beatriz / Russ, Katheryn
2010 Risk shocks and housing marketsLee, Gabriel / Dorofeenko, Victor / Salyer, Kevin
2010 Income differences and prices of tradablesSimonovska, Ina
2010 Unbeatable imitationDuersch, Peter / Oechssler, Jörg / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2010 Speculative trade under unawareness: The infinite caseMeier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard C.
2010 A chronology of international business cycles through non-parametric decodingFushing, Hsieh / Chen, Shu-Chun / Berge, Travis J. / Jorda, Oscar
2011 Prudent rationalizability in generalized extensive-form gamesHeifetz, Aviad / Meier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 Once beaten, never again: Imitation in two-player potential gamesDuersch, Peter / Oechssler, Joerg / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 Preference-dependent unawarenessSchipper, Burkhard
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