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DateTitle Authors
2012 Political awareness and microtargeting of voters in electoral competitionSchipper, Burkhard / Woo, Hee Yeul
2012 Measuring risk aversion with lists: A new biasBosch-Domènech, Antoni / Silvestre, Joaquim
2012 Bayesian games with unawareness and unawareness perfectionMeier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard
2012 Epistemic foundations of game theoryBonanno, Giacomo
2012 Unbeatable imitationDuersch, Peter / Oechssler, Joerg / Schipper, Burkhard
2012 Civic capital and the size distribution of plants: Short-run dynamics and long-run equilibriumBurker, Mathias / Minerva, G. Alfredo
2012 Sex hormones and choice under riskSchipper, Burkhard
2012 A dynamic epistemic characterization of backward induction without counterfactualsBonanno, Giacomo
2012 Ziliak and McClosky's criticisms of significance tests: A damage assessmentMayer, Thomas
2011 Estimating the impact of currency unions on trade using a dynamic gravity frameworkCampbell, Douglas L.
2011 Strategic control of myopic best reply in repeated gamesSchipper, Burkhard
2011 The elasticity of trade: Estimates and evidenceSimonovska, Ina / Waugh, Michael
2011 Does trade integration contribute to peace?Pyun, Ju Hyun / Lee, Jong-Wha
2011 Awareness-dependent subjective expected utilitySchipper, Burkhard
2011 Menstrual cycle and competitive biddingPearson, Matthew / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 Unawareness, beliefs, and speculative tradeHeifetz, Aviad / Meier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 The visible hand: Finger ratio (2D:4D) and competitive biddingPearson, Matthew / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 Dynamic unawareness and rationalizable behaviorHeifetz, Aviad / Meier, Martin / Schipper, Burkhard
2011 Reasoning about strategies and rational play in dynamic gamesBonanno, Giacomo
2011 Perfect Bayesian equilibrium. Part II: epistemic foundationsBonanno, Giacomo
2011 Preference-dependent unawarenessSchipper, Burkhard
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