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DateTitle Authors
2008 Land regularization in Tijuana, MexicoMonkkonen, Paavo
2008 Regional resilience: A critical examination of the ecological frameworkSwanstrom, Todd
2008 Changes on the waterfront - transforming harbor areasHarms, Hans
2008 The changing industrial composition of manufacturing-based regions, 1980-2005Wial, Howard
2008 A fragile giant? The future of New York in an age of uncertainty. Regional resilience: What is it? Does it matter? what can be done about it?Mollenkopf, John
2008 Transportation applications for developing tourist enclaves: Lessons from Koh Lanta, ThailandMontgomery, Brittany Nikole
2008 Community response to the foreclosure crisis: Thoughts on local interventionsImmergluck, Dan
2008 Improving California's infrastructure services: The California infrastructure initiativeDowall, David E. / Ried, Robin
2007 Chennai urban land market assessmentDowall, David E. / Monkkonen, Paavo
2007 Race, ethnicity, and immigration in the 2005 mayoral elections in Los Angeles and New YorkMollenkopf, John / Champeny, Ana / Sonenshein, Raphael / Drayse, Mark
2007 Elections, economics, and coalitional politics: Investigating California's future(s)Pastor, Manuel
2007 Property rights, taxpayer rights, and the multiscalar attack on the State: Consequences for regionalism in the United StatesNiedt, Christopher / Weir, Margaret
2007 A case study approach to understanding regional resilienceFoster, Kathryn A.
2007 Re-envisioning the delta: Alternative futures for the heart of CaliforniaEisenstein, William / Kondolf, Matt / Cain, John
2007 Dense and expanding: Urban development and land markets in Chennai, IndiaDowall, David E. / Monkkonen, Paavo
2007 Collaboration is not enoughWeir, Margaret / Rongerude, Jane / Ansell, Christopher K.
2007 Going regional: Community-based regionalism, transportation, and local hiring agreementsSwanstrom, Todd / Banks, Brian
2007 Network governance and regional equity: Shared agendas or problematic partners?Reckhow, Sarah / Lester, T. William
2007 Multi-level power and progressive regionalismWeir, Margaret / Rongerude, Jane
2007 Emerging patterns of regional resilienceChapple, Karen / Lester, Bill
2007 A master plan for sustainable tourism developmentYai, Koh Lanta / Province, Krabi
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