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DateTitle Authors
2007 A master plan for sustainable tourism developmentYai, Koh Lanta / Province, Krabi
2007 Resilience and regions: Building understanding of the MetaphorPendall, Rolf / Foster, Kathryn A. / Cowell, Margaret
2007 Why regions?Pastor, Manuel / Lester, William / Scoggins, Justin
2007 The productive efficiency of ports: Lessons from the Pacific Rim Seaport'sCheon, SangHyun
2007 Measuring concentrated poverty: Did it really decline in the 1990sSwanstrom, Todd / Ryan, Rob / Stigers, Katherine M.
2006 Brazil's urban land and housing markets: How well are they working?Dowall, David E.
2006 San Francisco City CarShare: Longer-term travel-demand and car ownership impactsCervero, Robert / Golub, Aaron / Nee, Brendan
2006 Street trees and intersection safetyMacdonald, Elizabeth / Harper, Alethea / Williams, Jeff / Hayter, Jason A.
2006 Fiscal analysis and land use policy in California: A case study of the San Jose employment land conversion analysisElmer, Vicki / Thorne-Lyman, Abigail / Belzer, Dena
2006 Collaborative regional initiatives: Civic entrepreneurs work to fill the governance gapInnes, Judith E. / Rongerude, Jane
2006 The Sacramento area water forum: A case studyConnick, Sarah
2006 Growth management in the San Francisco Bay Area: Interdependence of theory and practicePallagst, Karina
2006 Collaborative governance in the CALFED program: Adaptive policy making for California waterInnes, Judith E. / Connick, Sarah / Kaplan, Laura / Booher, David E.
2006 Place-remaking under property rights regimes: A case study of Niucheshui, SingaporeZhu, Jieming / Sim, Loo-Lee / Liu, Xuan
2006 The democratization of data: How the internet is shaping the work og data intermediariesTreuhaft, Sarah
2006 Transaction-cost economic analysis of institutional change toward design-build contracts for public transportationWhittington, Jan / Dowall, David E.
2005 Recent experience of and prospects for high-speed rail in Korea: Implications of a transport system and regional development from a global perspectiveShin, Dong-Chun
2005 Building institutions from the region up: Regional workforce development collaboratives in CaliforniaChapple, Karen
2004 Turning businesspeople into environmentalists: The sierra business councilInnes, Judith E. / Sandoval, Gerardo
2004 Taking the three 'E's seriously: The Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable CommunitiesInnes, Judith E.
2004 Urban land markets and urban land development: An examination of three Brazilian cities : Brasilia, Curitiba and RecifeSerra, M.V. / Dowall, David E. / Motta, Diana / Donovan, Michael
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