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DateTitle Authors
2002 Questions Cooperative Directors Should Be Asking ManagementAnderson, Bruce L. / Henehan, Brian M.
2001 Linking Globalization, Economic Growth and Poverty: Impacts of Agribusiness Strategies on Sub-Saharan AfricaCacho, Joyce / Weatherspoon, Dave / Christy, Ralph
2001 Simple Computational Methods for Measuring the Difference of Empirical Distributions: Application to Internal and External Scope Tests in Contingent ValuationPoe, G.L. / Giraud, K.L. / Loomis, J.B.
2001 Strategic planning for the New York apple industryWhite, Gerald B.
2001 Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple ProductsRowles, Kristin L. / Henehan, Brian M. / White, Gerald B.
2001 Industry Analysis: Apple Processors in the Northeastern U.S.Rowles, Kristin L.
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