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DateTitle Authors
2001 Industry Analysis: Apple Processors in the Northeastern U.S.Rowles, Kristin L.
2001 Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple ProductsRowles, Kristin L. / Henehan, Brian M. / White, Gerald B.
2001 Strategic planning for the New York apple industryWhite, Gerald B.
2001 Simple Computational Methods for Measuring the Difference of Empirical Distributions: Application to Internal and External Scope Tests in Contingent ValuationPoe, G.L. / Giraud, K.L. / Loomis, J.B.
2001 Linking Globalization, Economic Growth and Poverty: Impacts of Agribusiness Strategies on Sub-Saharan AfricaCacho, Joyce / Weatherspoon, Dave / Christy, Ralph
2002 Questions Cooperative Directors Should Be Asking ManagementAnderson, Bruce L. / Henehan, Brian M.
2002 Health Care and Genesee County, New York: Economic Implications of Reduced Hospital ServicesBills, Nelson L. / Kay, David
2002 Insights into the economic viability of a new CEA system producing hydroponic lettuceIlaslan, Gunes / White, Gerald B. / Langhans, Robert W.
2002 Impacts of Trade Liberalization on the New York Horticultural SectorWhite, Gerald B. / Bills, Nelson L. / Schluep, Isabel
2003 Marketing New York Wine in New York CityPreszler, Trent L.
2003 We're rich!! Or are we? Oil and development in São Tomé e PríncipeKyle, Steven
2003 Political and Economic Prospects for Mozambique and AngolaKyle, Steven
2003 A brief overview of Mozambique's rural development and the role of US assistanceKyle, Steven
2004 Medicaid and County Property Tax Levies on New York FarmlandBills, Nelson L.
2005 Market Opportunities for New Sauerkraut ProductsCuellar, Sandra / Uva, Wen-fei / Roberts, John M.
2005 Agricultural biotechnology risks and economic development: A call for a public-private partnerships to stimulate investments into African biotechnology industriesRoy, Sonali / Christy, Ralph
2005 Farm savings accounts: Examining income variability, eligibility, and benefitsGloy, Brent / LaDue, Eddy / Cuykendall, Charles
2005 Smallholders' cost efficiency in Mozambique: Implications for improved maize seed adoptionZavale, Helder / Mabaya, Edward / Christy, Ralph
2005 Adoption of improved maize seed by smallholder farmers in MozambiqueZavale, Helder / Mabaya, Edward / Christy, Ralph
2006 2007 farm bill: Policy options and consequences for Northeast speciality crop industries, small farms, and sustainability. Report on listening sessionsBills, Nelson / White, Jerry
2006 Specialty crops and the 2007 farm bill: The potential role of farm savings accountsGloy, Brent A. / Cheng, Mei-Luan
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