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DateTitle Authors
2006 Analysis of heterogeneous collaboration in the German research system with a focus on nanotechnologyHeinze, Thomas / Kuhlmann, Stefan
2006 Four major task domains of science for sustainabilityJappe-Heinze, Arlette
2006 Explaining international co-authorship in global environmental change researchJappe-Heinze, Arlette
2006 Improving policy understanding by means of secondary analyses of policy evaluation : a concept developmentEbersberger, Bernd / Edler, Jakob / Lo, Vivien
2006 Characterizing creative scientists in nano S & T : productivity, multidisciplinarity, and network brokerage in a longitudinal perspectiveHeinze, Thomas / Bauer, Gerrit
2006 Emergence of nano S&T in Germany : network formation and company performanceHeinze, Thomas
2006 Identifying creative research accomplishments : methodology and results for nanotechnology and human geneticsHeinze, Thomas / Shapira, Philip / Senker, Jacqueline / Kuhlmann, Stefan
2005 International collaboration schemes in earth and environmental sciences : IGEC programmes and UNESCO IHPJappe-Heinze, Arlette
2004 Zur Bedeutung der angewandten Grundlagenforschung : Ergebnisse einer schriftlichen Befragung bei Fraunhofer-InstitutenMeyer-Krahmer, Frieder / Schmoch, Ulrich
2003 New governance for innovation : the need for horizontal and systemic policy co-ordination ; report on a workshopElder, Jakob / Kuhlmann, Stefan / Smits, Ruud
2003 Governance der Kooperation heterogener Partner im deutschen Forschungs- und InnovationssystemKuhlmann, Stefan / Schmoch, Ulrich / Heinze, Thomas
2003 Informationen zur Forschungsevaluation in Deutschland - Erzeuger und Bedarf : Gutachten für die Geschäftsstelle der deutschen ForschungsgemeinschaftKuhlmann, Stefan / Heinze, Thomas
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